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Started my first Whole 30 on April 1st - no foolin'


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Hey everyone,


Just wanted to say hello from Toronto, Canada!  I just turned 33 on March 28th, and enjoy running and yoga.


I read 'It Starts With Food' in early March, and decided to take on the Whole30 challenge for the month of April. 


I'm looking forward to more energy, feeling healthier and being more mindful of the food that I'm eating.  I'm also looking forward to becoming a part of the Whole30 online community.


So far, things are going well.  I found the 'Revised Timeline' to be really useful to look forward to upcoming experiences, and I'm hoping to be prepared for them.


Any suggestions, advice, recipes or Toronto-based grocery/restaurant recommendations are appreciated!



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Hi Dan,

Kristina here.

I also started my 2nd or 3rd WHOLE30 program on April 1st. I wasn't successful on the other attempts. So far, I am pretty psyched that I've been able to stay completely cheat-free for an entire week! 


How was your first week? 

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