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Day 18.... Figured out what is giving me bloat? Too many cruciferous vegetables!

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Hey everyone!


It's Day 18 for me on my first W30 & I think I finally figured out what is causing me daily bloat, particularly after dinner: eating too many cruciferous veggies in one day!! An example of my day may be: sautéed kale with breakfast, arugula salad or leftover brussels sprouts with lunch, brussels sprouts or kale chips with dinner.... Love them!! 


But, after seeing some older posts here & doing a bit of additional research, I think I'm eating TOO much of a good thing! I adore my kale in the morning... I'll keep that. But, I'll slowly add more cruciferous veggies, as my gut heals during the W30...


Off to enjoy some sweet potato with dinner! :)   :D

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