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Starting 7 April 2014!!

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Hi everyone!


So I really wanted to start tomorrow but in keeping with Step Three I am going to start Monday and give myself time to plan things properly in order to succeed.


I was making lots of excuses to put it off - my husband's birthday, my anniversary coming up, my besty's wedding - but as per Step Three none of these things are really important (you know what I mean!) so I am just gonna do this!


This works for me anyway because me and the besty are going to start jogging on Monday too and it will end just before my anniversary and glamour shoot (which was a valentines day present from my husband).


Best of luck everyone!  Looking forward to creating a support network and being a part of others' support networks :)


Flo :)

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Having something to look forward to at the end is a great plan.  I end my 30 days just before I go away on holiday so I remind myself of that everyday.  Knowing I'll feel happier and more confident in my swimwear at the end of the 30 days helps to keep me motivated. 


All the very best of luck to you!!

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