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Day 7 Almost Done


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Hi all, after a few months of attempts to get going on Paleo (but only lasting 3-5 days before taking 2-3 days off), I'm committing to the 30 days. My "off" days still involved veggies and good proteins, but I'd end up eating some grains or cheese for a meal or two those days. So glad I found this community to help...

As someone who really enjoys cooking and eating delicious food, I was excited to discover Melissa Joulwan's cookbook "Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat" a little over a week ago. The variety in recipes and the tips on prepping ingredients for the week is just what I think I'll need to stay inspired and satiated. We've cooked delicious meals from her cookbook every single day for the past week, and even my husband, who normally doesn't get excited about veggies (and has no problems consuming large amount of grains and staying very thin), loved everything!

This is the longest I've stayed "clean" so far, so I'm looking forward to Day 30. I will say that Day 4 really did suck - I felt very lethargic and just all around cranky. Day 5 was a bit better, and so far 6 & 7 seem fine. It's reassuring to hear that other people have worked through these initial funks and kept going!

Given that my husband and our 3-yr old will not be going Paleo along with me, I'd love to hear any tips from people about avoiding the temptations that will be present in our pantry & refrigerator...


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