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Lara Bar and Chipotle on day 18

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Hey guys, 


Today is day 18 of my Whole 30, and so far I have done really well and I feel pretty good. 


My husband wanted to meet for lunch today so we decided on Chipotle (went there once at the beginning of the Whole30). I am not really a fan of any of the meat there - I ordered a carnitas salad because that's the only compliant meat - but it's always fatty and they put way too much in the bowl (Just had salsa, guacamole, lettuce). I didn't eat much because I wasn't enjoying it at all, so left feeling hungry. 


We went to Whole Foods afterwards to get stuff for dinner, and I was thinking about having to go back to my desk all afternoon feeling hungry - so I picked up a cashew Lara bar (only ingredients are cashews and dates). 


I feel a little bit like I have failed because I had a Lara bar, but also didn't want to be hungry all afternoon. 


Is this OK? 

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