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Elise's first whole 30 !


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Me: 38 year old mom of 4 , full time 3rd shift employee for the dept of developmental disabilities in Mass. 20+ year former smoker and life long struggling dieter. I quit smoking in Oct 09 and last January (2013) I joined my local Ymca and haven't looked back! I began running last April and have dropped 75 lbs in the past 15 months , the last 4-5 months my weight had plateau'd at 170 no matter how much I worked out, lifted or ran. Ran across paleo googling info and started cutting out grains and dairy and dropped 5 lbs in 2 weeks! Came across the whole9 and the whole 30 challenge , resetting my metabolism and busting through my plateau while improving my relationship with food really appealed to me so I ordered It Starts with Food and set the date! I've never felt I had a bad reaction to any type of food so it will be interesting to see how this goes! I feel like my biggest hurdles will be artificial sweetener , bland drinks, no counting calories with my fitness pal , and no scale. I started on April 1 st and I am ready for the challenge of living and working with non compliant people and the funny looks and questions they have . I have 2 teen daughters ( 16&14) and 2 sons (19&6) too! I lost my mother at 18 when she was just 50 . Looking forward to learning about myself and my eating habits ,how to pass on better ones by example and living WAY past 50 !

Day 3 has me almost enjoying black coffee and feeling a bit tired. I skipped my normal lifting routine today due to my first platelet donation ( went well) and not wanting to over do it . Feeling good and ready to give it my all!

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