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I'm late to the logging game as today is day 21 for me.   Im going to extend my Whole30 to Easter Sunday and let myself enjoy the yummy foods at our huge family gathering then get back on the W30 train the next day.   :)


Breakfast today:


shredded carrots with a little shredded sweet potato cooked in coconut oil. 

2 eggs fried in bacon grease (from compliant bacon)



2 grilled chicken thighs  ( they were small)

mango pineapple salsa

salad with red leaf lettuce, grape tomatoes, a tiny bit of apple, oil and vinegar



hash with shredded carrots and sweet potatoes, chicken thigh

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Pre-wo  1 scotch egg with salsa


post wo (I couldn't even think about eating) Yuck


Lunch: another scotch egg, salsa, apple slices, cashew butter


Dinner: pulled pork, ISWF BBQ sauce, cauliflower fritters

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Kinda went off the rails a bit.  


late Breakfast - scotch egg with salsa


Lunch - didn't really happen. I went down to Costco about an hour away from home to buy, ironically, a load of Whole30 supplies.   Having never been to a Costco I I was there MUCH longer than I anticipated and started feeling weak and shaky. I ended up buying a polish sausage from the snack bar because there was no way I could make the hour drive home nor were there any acceptable restaurant options nearby.   It is what it is,  lesson learned, and I will plan better next time. 


Dinner: grilled chicken thigh, carrot and sweet potato hash,  apples and almond butter

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Breakfast:  1/2 apple chicken sausage, hash of carrots, onions, and sweet potatoes


Lunch:  Lettuce wraps with grilled chicken and guacamole.  strawberries and raspberries with a splash of balsamic 

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