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Can Whole30 Flush Hormonal BC (Depo)?


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Has anyone on hormonal birth control experienced side effects during/after Whole30 or even gotten pregnant?

I have endometriosis and have been on the Depo shot since Dec. 2012 to calm things down. This is my second Whole30. The first W30 was right after my diagnosis with endometriosis and just a few weeks into my first Depo shot. I could afford only conventional meats at that point. I've not had the bad side effects from the shot that many others have experienced, and I'm grateful for the changes I've seen in my body while on the shot. It's not a good long term solution, but at that time it was better than surgery to remove my ovaries.

Enter Whole30 #2. We are eating grass-finished beef and natural eggs. A few conventional pieces of meat were in our freezer, but we ate those at the beginning of W30.

Today is Day 13. I've been cramping/bloating every day for the past week, plus spotting, and now am experiencing what appears to be a light period (not just spotting; other indicators like smell, flow, color, etc. seem more like a period than breakthrough bleeding). It makes me wonder if my body will try to ovulate next--not a bad thing, but we really need to wait to get pregnant. (We want children but need to be careful until my husband's job is declared permanent.)

Is it possible for Whole30 to be flushing my system of the Depo? :-/ And I'm wondering if I need to start charting other fertility factors just in case the Depo is waning.

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I have been on the depo since after the birth of my 3rd child, back in September 2012.  I have completed 2 Whole30's and pretty paleo-ish in between.  I have not had any weird side effects from the normal ones I already have (moodiness, depression, no period).  it is very unlikely for you to ovulate while on the Depo.  And I dont think changing your eating habits can flush out the shot.  When was the last time you went to get your shot?

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