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Day 6... And Doing Really Well.


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I am on Day 6 right now... and doing really, REALLY well.


A quick backstory...

I tore my right distal bicep tendon while preparing to workout in early February after a solid month of great eating and getting back into shape (Lost 12 of an unwanted 25 pounds). It seemed completely random, but I'm thinking it might have been caused by the 4 major vaccine boosters I needed to get for a trip to South Africa I had planned and took. (One needle was directly inserted into the area of injury). I got surgery to repair it, and flash forward to a month and half later, I managed to gain the 12 pounds back, mostly from the lack of exercise and the incredible amount of food we were "fed" in Africa.


I decided to do Whole30 after hearing Melissa on the Go Fork Yourself Podcast with Andrew Zimmern. I figured it was the perfect way to counteract ALL the damage the winter "did" to me.



I am sleeping like a log, and waking up naturally before my alarm. I'm alert, not hungry constantly, and even headed. I didn't even have any major carb/sugar withdrawal issues (I guess my body is somewhat used to it since I have done Atkins/South Beach a few times before). My arm is healed, and it's strength is returning. I have almost no pain, and I'm convinced Whole30 has helped me reduce the typical inflammation that comes with strength training and surgery recovery.


One thing that may be frowned upon that I like doing is tracking. I use MyFitnessPal to track my entire daily calorie consumption, as well as track all the micro and macro nutrients I have been getting. It allows me to make better choices daily for each meal, and generally keep my daily calorie count within 500 of my "goal".


Does anyone else track using any digital tools or apps?


... And I have to admit... the ONLY thing I miss is my two tablespoons of cream in my morning espresso. I tried the Coconut milk, and it is okay... the bulletproof coffee is better, but it took a good 15 minutes to get all the oil off the side of the blender. I may try using my stick blender on it next time.


Glad to be here!








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I'm glad you're here too, but I am going to give one of my 500 no tracking speeches now...


Not tracking calories is an important Whole30 rule. We know all about how much people like to track what they eat and the reasons people give for tracking, but none of the reasons are good enough. Tracking leads to worse choices and a poorer relationship with food. It is not as if we tell you to just eat how much you feel is right. We give you very clear guidance about how much to eat... the meal template: http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf You cannot go wrong if you follow this guide. But if you work from your ideas about appropriate macro ratios and calories, you will never get to the place you need to be. Look, the Whole30 rules are very clearly defined for very good reasons. If you are going to do a Whole30, do a Whole30. If you ignore this rule, you are not really doing a Whole30. You are doing your thing. This may be better than what you were doing before, but we want even better for you. 

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Amen, Tom!


I arrived here as a refugee from years of Atkins eating.  FatSecret was my friend.  Tracking is as comforting to some people as daily weighing is to others.  Both are always to "keep you on track".  They don't.  They enslave you.  They take what should be a normal body function and turn it into something you have to obsess about constantly.  Part of this journey is changing your relationship with food.  Learn to eat 'naturally'.  You don't need to meet artificial goals for micro/macronutrients every single day.  You just need to eat a wide enough variety of food to get them all in over time.


Before the days of international shipping, people ate seasonally and did just fine.  Some days, weeks, months you get a lot of a certain thing, then no more until next season.  Your body was designed to deal with this.  There is no reason to try and keep these amounts level every day of your life. 


This program is tremendously liberating.  Food is a substance necessary for life.  It shouldn't require formulas and charts and log-ins.  You don't consciously think about every breath you take, do you?  Stick to the guidelines and the template.  Let the rest go.  Learn to trust yourself to get the nutrition you need by listening to your body, not some nutrition chart.  You will be so glad you did.

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