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Marguerite's Post - W30 First timer


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Today ends day two of my W30 experience. I needed to re-read the tough love comments in the book and on the website while I was at the movie theater with my husband waiting to see Captain America. The popcorn smelled especially buttery, everyone was drinking soda or beer, eating candy, and having loads of fun. I had a bottle of Evian. I told my husband that when he wasn't looking, I was going to lick one of his peanut M & Ms. And then I read the comments about how I've done harder things in my life. And it helped. that and deep breathing for about 2 minutes, and I was fine. 


Physically I'm tired, my belly is crampy but I think maybe just from getting used to this. 


Today I didn't eat enough, but I did get plenty of water. Some of it with lemon, some without. I also had green tea, which is a night time treat for me and I'm glad I didn't have to give it up. I've had a screaming headache, which is rare, and I had to take a two hour nap to get rid of it. 


Breakfast: 2 poached eggs and a 1/2 palm of smoked salmon, chopped veggies (cucumbers, snow peas, carrots and celery), black coffee, water with lemon. 


No lunch, just a plum. 


Dinner: Lemon chicken with cipolino, steamed broccoli, baked sweet potato, lemon water. 


I felt so much better after dinner. I think the sweet potato made my night. :) 


Tomorrow I plan on having three full meals and note how I feel. 


Moving forward! 



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