Day 18... Love Whole30


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I am on Day 18 and I am so happy with my first Whole30. From the first week I felt such a difference - I felt like my thoughts were so much clearer. Hard to explain, but well before seeing any physical changes I knew that this was going to be life-changing.

And about those physical changes... one jean size down!!!! 14 feels so good when you are coming down from 16 instead of moving up from 12. I was a size 8 about 5 years ago when I got married and 3 kids / 5 years of lazy habits later I knew I had to take charge and make some kind of big change. This is my first experience with Paleo style eating and I am loving it.

I'm sure I'll be posting again soon as I start to consider my Post Whole30...

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Congratulations on your journey so far!


Clear thinking, totally get that. It's amazing how much we miss being able to think clearly...and I guess make better judgement calls. 


Using the clothes as a gauge is really a great idea. I've been a scale addict for years. It's nice to have a little whoosh space in the pants again!

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