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My Day 8 - Visualization


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I am 58 years old, my birthday was just last month, and I celebrated it by sitting on the couch most of the day, feeling miserable, and dealing with pain. My husband and I share a birthday, he's 3 year older, and we always do something special for our birthdays, even if it's just the two of us. This year, I didn't want to know about my birthday, and was quite happy not to be out and about, or with people. "What's the big deal. I'm a year older. What's there to celebrate?" is what I said to myself.


I was recently told by a well-respected orthopedic surgeon who specialized in knees that mine were just enjoying the benefits of my age, and that, even though the pain I experienced meant that I could hardly walk, and I was in constant pain, being woken up constantly throughout the night, and not able to do much at all, there was nothing really to be done about it.


I have also been dealing with hormonal issues. My periods have been slowing down to approximately one every 6-7 months, and my sexual appetite is almost non-existent, much to the chagrin of my darling husband. I won't go into any more detail than that, but suffice to say, it's a rather frustrating and unfulfilling, not to mention depressing, experience.


I felt too young to be having these problems, having spent my whole life being well, and eating healthily for the most part. I don't take medications for anything, I steer clear of them wherever possible, and thankfully, my lifestyle and a good serving of good genes and good luck I suppose, meant that I look young for my years, and am as I said, pretty healthy.


I've been working on losing weight over the past year and a half. I'd put on quite a bit after some challenging times in my life that began in 2009, and have been working to get it off ever since.

I went on a detoxification program which was fantastic. I learnt to cut out toxins from every aspect of my life, even though I already had banished cleaning detergents and other such things from my home years ago. I changed my skin care products from ones that I believed were pretty natural, to others that were completely toxin free. Similarly with my diet, I began to reduce my portions, eating only a palm-sized portion of protein, and salads and fruit according to the regime.


It took me about 14 months, and I lost about 13 kilos. Fantastic! However, I still had all of the above issues with my health, and still carried about 4-8 kilos of excess fat. Plus, even though I'd gotten healthy and strong enough to start running, and ran just over half of a 5km fun run in December 2013, come January, my knees went. First one, then the other. I've had X-rays and MRIs on both my knees, and the upshot is arthritis, as well as other signs of "wear-and-tear".


Not happy. Not one bit. I didn't know where to turn. I read heaps of blogs on Feedly. It's part of my morning waking-up routine, and luckily, 10 days ago, someone whose blog I'd just recently begun to follow (we share a passion for dressmaking) posted something about doing the Whole30. She didn't say very much, but enough for me to investigate. And here I am, just starting Day 8.


I read this morning's Whole 30 Daily email, and even though I did write down 3 goals on my sheet on Day 0, this morning I was very inspired by the email and wrote down this list of visualizations that I plan to read to myself out loud every night before I go to sleep, and every morning when I wake up. Here's my list:


  • I wear a size 8, with slim hips, thighs, and smaller bustline. My midriff is small, and my tummy is flat. My body is small and toned.
  • My fingernails and toenails are beautifully groomed, and my hands and feet look elegant and pretty.
  • My brain is strong. I remember, and can recall details, and always find the words to express myself as I need to.
  • I am happy. My temperament is calm and pleasant. I am a delight to be with.
  • My hormones are balanced, and I enjoy a healthy sexual appetite and fulfilment.
  • My knees, hips, shoulders, and hands are healthy and strong, as is the rest of my body, and I exercise without hindrance. I run!
  • I sleep well, and wake up refreshed and nourished, ready for my day.
  • My skin on my face is toned and glowing.
  • My eyes are clear and well-moistened, and I see very well.
  • My hair has body, and lustre, and continues to grow strong and healthy.
  • I am confident, graceful, elegant, and well-nourished. I make wise choices.


So that about does it for now! As I read over it, knowing it'll be public in a minute, I am embarrassed about some of the things I've written. However, I do believe that if you want it, you should be free to ask for it, so I'm not editing it a bit! :)


Thanks so much for reading.

I wish you a great Whole30!

Helene x

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