Half-way mark...who'd thought?


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Today's day 15 for me attempting to change my way of eating to lose weight and feel better about myself, and all I can say is...


1. I'm exhausted every day until the past couple of days--something tells my detoxing time is working and there's energy just ready to burst out any minute! (I hope!)


2. I sleep from 10 pm until 6:30 am--that's when the alarm goes off, and I actually feel rested.


3. I don't have the foggy brain stuff going on--I teach, therefore I have to multitask mentally and physically. For the first time all school year (yes, I can't believe it either), I'm actually able to think clearly.


4. I'm finally getting past the most ridiculous gas that put my husband and our three dogs to shame--the first week I thought I was going to die with stomach and extreme gas pains. 


5. My work clothes are fitting better--I actually dragged out my capri's.


I'm anxiously awaiting to see what the scale will say after the next 15 days...and basically hoping that some weight has burned off. I'm 5'6" and started at weighing 202 pounds 15 days ago. I'm REALLY hoping that changes ;the weight, not the height--although I could hope to grow an inch.


Cheers for this Whole30!

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Congrats!! I just mentioned the clearer thinking in my post as well. I'm on Day 18 and a clear head was the first positive I noticed early on. I'm 5'7" and started at 188 so I am definitely anxious to see some movement on the scale as well. Keep it up!

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tv.carol...Isn't it amazing oh much we miss being able to think clearly? Why does that sound really odd too? HA! Cheers onward towards your Day 30! I hope it brings a great review---and perhaps knowing that your body loves that the brain's working clearly!


Brittany...I would definitely say chasing around a 20 month old is an added bonus to being tired--or at least have a really good reason for it! We kept our daughters with us until they were 3--I'm sure you'll be better to find a way for him to stay in his own bed and routine. I was just never good at it until potty training/bribing began. Oh the acne! I've had it, just not on my face. Let's just say, no matter what soap I've used, it would never go away--until eating this way.  Best wishes!

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