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Nutrilite Supplements are loaded with non complient ingredients UGH


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Amway Nutrilite Supplements are supposed to be top of the line.  So frustrating reading the ingredients in them.


I switched to DAILY FREE only to find it "contains ingredients from soy"

COENZYME Q10 COMPLEX contains soy lecithin

VALERIAN & HOPS (I stopped this because of the obvious hops) contains "steraic acid (from soy)"

CLA 500 "contains ingredients sourced from soy"

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES "contains ingredients sourced from soy"


It kills me and especially my DH to throw these out they cost hundreds of dollars but it's killing me to take them.  I wasn't taking them on  a regular basis.  Once starting paleo in late Jan it was hit or miss because I was feeling so much better.  I'm on day 6 of my Whole30 and may have taken them a few days.  Do I have to start over?  PLEASE give me a pass and say I can continue on.

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Unfortunately, soy is one of the gut disruptors that technically merits a restart on a Whole30.  If yesterday was the last day you had these supplements, call it a Whole35 if that works better for your mindset.

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