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Bruising, brittle finger nails - day 21

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Hi, I'm on Day 21 of my first whole 30 and noticing a few unwelcome side effects.  Not sure if attributable to diet or something else.


I seem to be bruising more easily.  Yesterday at cross fit we did Turkish get-ups and sit-ups.  These were done on a typical CF gym flooring (black, interlocking) and an ab mat I now have big bruises on both knees and on both sides of my upper buttocks.  The bruises on my buttocks are a good 3-5 inches in diameter.  I have lots of other bruises on my legs from bumping into things.  Didn't think too much of those.  But these new ones are more bothersome, and it seems like this is usual wear and tear that shouldn't be resulting in such significant bruising.


Also, my nails seem weaker.  I've prided myself on having very strong, thick nails for many years.  Difficulty to even use a typical nail trimmer on, but now they are more bendy/flexible and they are splitting.


Has anyone else had these troubles?  Wondering if I've eliminated something that was doing me some good.  


We're eating a wide variety of vegetables, meat, fish and fruit.  If anything, my errors on this Whole 30 have been eating too much (especially snacking too much), not eating too little.  I haven't lost any weight, clothes aren't any looser, etc.




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Hi Susan,


It's hard to really know for sure what is going on. 


We can start with by asking you to list a couple of days worth of meals along with activity, water consumption and health issues.  It also might be helpful to find out what your diet looked like prior to whole 30.


We are not Doctors - but we might be able to throw some direction or insight.

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