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Whole30 Complete: Day 30!!!


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YAYYYY!!! I've finally made it to day 30 guys! It was such a great experience. I've learned so much during the process, and this forum definitely helped me a lot. 


I used to eat Chipotle and Qdoba all the time, and oatmeal + cereal w/ whole milk were my go-to foods every day. While oatmeal and cereal aren't necessarily unhealthy, they definitely didn't give me the nutrients and vitamins I needed. I also ate them all throughout the day (sometimes at 9 PM, midnight, and 2 AM). I've learned that a healthy and balanced meal should have protein + veggies + fat  + (sometimes) fruit, and I will definitely adhere to this template as I progress to a 80/20 paleo diet!


Here are my results:


Waist circumference (measured 1 inch below navel): 32" ---> 30"

Weight (will update later, threw out my scale 30 days ago): 120 lbs ---> ?

Body fat % (didn't calculate the before percentage): now it's 15.2%


Took some pics after dinner today - attached below. I'm so excited and proud of this accomplishment! If you're just starting Whole30 or want some motivation, feel free to visit my blog at http://www.fithealthlifestyle.blogspot.com for support :) I updated it daily with my food logs and thoughts & feelings during the 30 days.



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