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Food is good and stuff.


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Day 0:

Pretty stoked to get started tomorrow! I've really been feeling like crap! I know that eliminating gluten helps me tremendously but I am positive that I will feel stellar after dedicating myself to this.

I haven't been eating a lot of meat in the past few months. I'm wondering how my digestive system is going to react to this.

I have a notebook where I've printed out the program rules and also my workout program. I will keep this on me at all times to record any thoughts or awesome meals and to log my workouts.

I'm excited for breakfast and am off to bed!

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First Day of Whole 30!

Meal 1: smoked salmon, kiwi and hard boiled eggs.

I think I am allergic to kiwi. This was the first time I've tried it (not relavent to my Whole 30, I just am trying new fruits) and it made the inside of my mouth feel....weird.


Did my strength workout; arms and shoulders today.

How do I know if I actually NEED a post-workout meal? I was planning to eat lunch right after showering so I didn't find it necessary.

Meal 2: chicken breast with apples and raw almonds

30 minute run

Meal 3: seaweed salad and sashimi

I didn't intend on eating my last meal so early in the day. I finished my run and my husband surprised me by rescinding his previous message about staying at work late. We are on different timelines since we are working differnet shifts so he was ready to eat. Since I ate this meal right after running, I feel like maybe this IS a post-workout snack? I'm not sure.

Should I eat more? Am I really hungry or just craving my normal evening snacks?

What's a meal? What's a snack? I'm going to have to do some more research.

Tried rooibos tea today, after Meal 3, and I really didn't care for it. On to different teas!

Going to spend the evening researching recipes and constructing a grocery list. I started all excited and unprepared and spur of the moment LET'S DO THIS! So tomorrow after work (boo work) I will go get ingredients for a cook up Wednesday. (It's supposed to SNOW what the heck?)


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