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2ND Time Around :-)


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When I did my first Whole30 last August I was AMAZED how great I felt.  The power to decide to eat healthy food along with how great my body and mind felt made me a better person.  Slowly all the bad foods came back on my plate. I'm ready to start a new Whole30/45/60 or whatever it takes to get this under my belt for the long run.


I went out to eat on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday night this past weekend and I am officially overdone.....I feel tired, bloated and lethargic.  My hormones have really thrown me for a loop.  I have hit menapause and my body is in some serious turmoil.  Summer is on it's way and it's the perfect time to break out of those returned bad food habits / cravings and get back to eating real fresh foods.  Time to Spring forward!


Planning my meals is the best way for me to follow the program. Today is a prep day.  Making mayo, cleaning fridge and stocking the pantry.  Making a list of breakfast lunches and dinners for the first week usually include very basic items.  I just have 3 morning meals and 6 lunch/ dinner mix and match meals so I can get back into the swing without overwhelming my complancent self.


Start date 4/8 :D

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Yesterday was a success.  Lots of fresh veggies, avocado and some nuts.  Add my favorite salad mix and chicken and I was on my way.


Today started with 2 whole eggs, nitrate free bacon and tomato.  And a little fresh apple sauce.  My stomach has not been feeling well for about a week.  I think I was fighting off that stomach bug and it hasn't really left my system yet.  I have been unusually tired and went to bed wicked early last night.

I had a craving for fried clams of all things. So I read my book and went to sleep. Also I have some chocolate candy eggs for my hunny on Easter hiding in a drawer.  Those ran quickly through my mind too.


A repeat of yesterdays lunch and some chili with fresh tomato, avocado and lettuce for dinner.  Iced Green Tea and lots of water. Happy camper already.  Waiting for the dreaded headache to hit.  Inevitably it will come soon.

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