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snack/portable meal suggestions?


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I am going to Paris on the 13th  :D


To help reduce food costs and to help me largely stick to whole-30 (this suits me better anyway due to being coeliac and allergic to dairy), I want to pack a few mini meals. Any suggestions? :)

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Lucky you! Paris! Enjoy yourself, and best of luck averting your eyes to the pastries. . . .


My favorites these days are various meatballs and bangers (see Well Fed 2 or theclothesmakethegirl.com for great ideas) plus crudites and dip of choice, WF2 oven fried salmon cakes, and meat quiche.

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You can pack some simple ones which should stay fresh and eatable for long. Like the list as follows:

Tuna salad

Egg salad

Chicken salad

Hardboiled eggs

Burger patties

Tuna/Crab Cakes

Egg muffins

Mini Corn Break cake


Just as a quick side note, I'm not sure what a "Mini Corn Break Cake" is, but anything with corn is not Whole30 compliant.

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