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What's your favorite offal receipe?


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Can't go wrong with chicken livers sautéed in ghee.
When you're more adventurous, try sweetbreads "breaded" with a bit of almond flour fried up or a slow cooked heart (lamb, pig). Also, heart is good for jerky once you remove the fatty parts.
Bone marrow (offal? depends who you ask) is awesome roasted in a serving-sized cast-ron skillet. Check out "Nose to Tail" by Fergus Henderson.

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I haven't tried this one yet, but I plan to soon (thawing out some liver now, actually) I've heard people on an AIP facebook group say it's good. http://autoimmune-paleo.com/bacon-beef-liver-pate-with-rosemary-and-thyme/


You can also try grinding liver and mixing it into ground beef. I think anything with other strong flavors would be especially successful at hiding the flavor, such as chili or curry.


When I get my lamb this fall I'm going to ask for the liver, heart, and kidneys as well, see what I can come up with!

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