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Pre-WO/Post WO and breakfast???


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Hi Guys, 


I am new here and after doing my first whole 30 (lost 19 LB) I am starting my second but have a question.


The first 30 days I did not include a PreWO/Post WO meals. It was straight 3 meals. My schedule looked like this;


6:00-6:45 AM Workout

7:00 AM  breakfast

12:30 PM lunch

6:00 PM dinner


That was it.


Now, I want to add in the preWO and the post WO. And according to the meal plan template neither should be counted as one of the three main meals.


So here is my question, anybody follow this strictly and how did you stage your meals??





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Hi John


I've tried having few macadamia nuts (2-3) before workout. for a longer session or early meal, one HB egg.


Post WO is some greens (carrot, snow pea, cucumber etc.) and a HB egg white.

today I've tried gelatin home made gummy bears instead of the egg white


(2 bags of pure gelatin powder, soak in water for 10 minutes, add some hot water, mix well, set in mold)


Have fun!


However, on some occasions, there were only 2 meals afterwards.

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This is around the same time I would typically work out in the morning, give or take 30 mins.  


Before a workout I would have half an avocado for fat, and a small serving of protein.  Some chicken, a hardboiled egg, maybe a compliant epic bar or some compliant beef sticks.


Within 15-20 minutes of the workout (I live close to the gym) I will eat 6-8 oz grilled or slow cooked chicken breast and up to 1/2 large sweet potato depending on how intense the workout is.  This post WO meal is usually around 715-730am.


You could just push your remaining meals back an hour or 2 in this case.  Breakfast at 830-930 (you'll be hungry before you know it after your post WO meal).  Then lunch around 1-130pm.   Dinner sometime after 7pm.  


Not sure if this would work with your day and evening schedule, but if you are working out, you want to be sure you are not short changing your self in terms of the extra nutrients you body needs.  

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