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Hi everyone.

I completed my Whole 30 last week. (Swish!) I have been experimenting with foods since and am pleased to say that I did not have any issues with butter.


Other foods are more difficult to tell - hard cheeses, heavy cream, red wine. Once I get over this cold that I have I'll be better able to figure those out.


My plan is to stick close to Whole30 eating with the exception that I will allow myself gf butter. From this new base, I will experiment with other foods going forward.


Have a great day,


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Glad to hear you're on the mend! 


Happy meating!


... I'm waiting to hear back from "Philly Cow Share" (grass fed, of course) - not ready for even 1/8 of a cow-no room, but they sell 20-some pound "stock boxes" full of goodies to make bone broth.  I'm dying to make some of that fabulous elixer of the gods.

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I can't wait! 


Their website says: includes marrow, knuckle and neck bones, and the oxtail.  How much of each remains to be seen.  ($80-totally reasonable, imo for grass fed bits.)


They do pastured pork, as well.


I need to get myself a standing freezer.  (I'm just way too short, er... petite, for a chest freezer.)  I'll also need to keep it on the back porch, all classy-like.  :lol:   (And lock it up.)


eta - hence only the stock-box for now... I have room for that.

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I'm not too familiar with Inwood (but if you have a great view of the Hudson, I'M jealous).  :)   I imagine you're in an apt with little space. 


I'm originally from Staten Island, and the fridge on the back porch would be do-able there* :lol: but SO not worth a move from your way more convenient and cosmopolitan neighborhood.


*but probably frowned upon unless I kept it stocked with beer for entertaining the neighbors...

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Good morning, everyone. 

Productive day so far -

Farmers' Market - ramps, butter, potatoes (going to make potato salad), chicken, eggs, spicy micro greens ($4 per 1/4 lb so didn't go crazy - looking forward to warmer times when greens really get growing), beef tongue...
And just started up a batch of bone broth with a bit of kombu. I'll let you know how it is in a couple days.

The plan for tomorrow is liverwurst - has anyone tried making it with just liver, pork fat and spices?
Have a great weekend.

PS EmayPA - Inwood Hill Park is across the street. Fantastic views of the Hudson / GWB from there.

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Your eats sound marvelous! I've never made liverwurst, so I don't really know what makes it different from pate, on which I'm becoming something of an expert, besides nation of origin. Let us know how it turns out!

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