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Starting today, 4/7/14

Terra Faith

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Officially, I decided yesterday to start Whole30 today. But in reality, I've been frustrated and feeling sluggish and needing and wanting a 'jump start' for months now -- so this feels like it's been in the works for ages.


After reading blogs and checking out tips, etc., I realize I'm not doing it 'right' in that I haven't done a ton of mental preparation or planning yet. I cleaned out my cupboards and fridge and have the day off today to do my shopping and meal prep -- the advice seems to be that I should start tomorrow, after that stuff is done. But...I'm just ready to get this thing started, ya know?


I'm sure it's been said a thousand times, but the next 30 days are gonna pass regardless of whether I do this or not. If the past several months are any indication, I already know how I'll feel 30 days from now if I don't make some drastic changes...so I might as well make some major changes, complete Whole30, and increase the likelihood that I feel different and better 30 days from now. 


I'm ready. And getting readier :-)

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Love your attitude. Everyone is different and I made NO preperation when starting. I DID NOT clean out the cabinets and get rid of the junk food because with 3 growing boys I knew it would get eaten. Besides, when I quit smoking 12 years ago I did it while being around smokers so I think I am strong enough to handle the bad stuff being available to me and still having the will power to say NO! I'm on day 17 and feel terrific! Best of luck.




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