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PMSing and having a hard time

Erin Dorrien

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I'm starting week 3 of my whole30 and I've been ok so far but I'm a week right before my period and the cravings are killing me, and worse I gave into them the last three days. Tuesday had a hershey dark chocolate mini, wednesday two hershey cholates, thursday three...Luckily I work from home tomorrow where I won't have the temptation but now I'm feeling guilty and not so great. I was just starting to see changes in my body too. :-(

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Erin, stop feeling guilty. You made a choice. Don't stress over it, just accept it and do better next time. Officially, you should be starting over from Day 1, but we aren't the Whole30 police (well i guess we kind of are...but whatever), so only you can decide what you're going to do about this.

Personally, I would suck it up, acknowledge that I made a poor choice and start back at Day 1 with lessons learned. PMS cravings are miserable and very hard to resist, but there are definitely better ways to shut them up, mainly fruit!

There are other posts in this topic about cravings generally being shut up with healthier forms with sugar, and the longer you're paleo, the better they get...so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You have NOT completely undone your three weeks of body changes, so don't stress or dive headfirst into the hershey kisses. Just keep making good choices. You just owe it to yourself to give yourself the full 30 days

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Actually, that's kind of a good thing. It just reinforces that it's not worth it. The most dangerous things for me are when I don't immediately see the consequences of my poor food choices. I feel like I got away with something and that means I can keep doing it. It's psychologically terrible.

Good luck!

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