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Day 14 - Kill.all.the.things

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Well, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised; it's been almost too easy. After the third day I shook off the carb 'flu and it's been pretty smooth sailing up until now. But I woke up this morning and it's like I've been possessed by another, much angrier life form. I know this too shall pass but hopefully sooner rather than later.

I'm proud of myself that I've been 100% compliant and I'm feeling the benefits of this healthy lifestyle already. I'm pretty sure I'm going to extend to a Whole45 or Whole60, but I'll wait a bit to make that decision. My challenges have been staying off the scale (got on twice before I asked DH to hide it away) and some snacking. The snacks have all been mini-meals but looking back I'm not sure I needed them as much as wanted them.

Tomorrow begins the second half of this journey. My commitment to myself is to continue to plan, prepare and eat 100% according to the rules, quit the snacking completely, stay off the scale and try to get a little more sleep.

Thanks for letting me vent. Writing this down helps...and keeps me from killing someone!

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