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Louise's First Whole30


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Well, I started my first ever whole30 yesterday and by the time my husband came home I was in tears and wanted to finish it.  I felt really weak and 'hungry' all day yesterday - no matter what I ate I didn't seem to feel much better :(  I hadn't expected to feel that way on Day 1!!!


My poor husband listened to me complain, listened to me make awesome arguments as to why I should perhaps have oats and potatoes in my diet and very patiently reminded me why I wanted to do this - I wanted to slay the sugar dragon and regain control of my diet.  I did it once before (cut out all wheat and sugar except xylitol to combat candida) so I know I can do this - just didn't expect to feel so horrid on day 1.  I also made the mistake yesterday of looking on the forum, not at all the positive posts, nope, at all the ones listing how horrible people are feeling etc.  Silly silly girl!!!


Well, I learned my lesson, have decided to take each meal/day/hour/minute as it comes and to keep trying.  If I am genuinely hungry then I'll eat something. I'm used to eating every couple of hours as it was recommended to me by a nutritionist previously to keep 'my fire burning' in order to help combat anxiety so is hard not to!


Below is what I ate yesterday - I have a feeling fat was an issue so today I'm going to try eating more for my meals plus a plan of what I am due to eat today:


Day 1 (7th April)

Meal 1 - 3 slices of bacon (compliant!), 1 egg fried in coconut oil, cherry tomatoes (fried with bacon) and spinach


MM - Black decaff coffee and an apple


Meal 2 - Beef mince fried in coconut oil with S&P and garlic powder, boiled carrots, broccoli and fine beans plus 2 small baked sweet potatoes


MA - ended up snacking on a mixture of pumpkin seeds, raisins and sultanas plus a blueberry yo-yo (basically fruit pressed into a roll) and a banana across the afternoon  :(


Meal 3 - Lamb chop in a cumin, garlic seasoning, sweet potato mash with coconut oil and spring onion and chilli flakes, carrots, fine beans and broccoli.


On the plus side I did have 8 pints of water  :)


Day 2 (8th April) - my plan!!!

Meal 1 - as Day 1 but with 2 eggs - has made me feel a bit fuller than yesterday


Meal 2 - leftover mince from day 1, hard boiled egg, roasted butternut squash, salad with salad leaves, spinach, cucumber, spring onion etc


Meal 3 - Chicken breast cooked in coconut oil, leftover roasted butternut squash, carrots, broccoli, fine beans, plus a 'sauce' with chopped tomatoes, bacon, garlic, tomato puree, chilli.


I feel a bit more positive and wonder if some of how I have been feeling is because of lack of sugar (the binge before I started probably didn't help) plus the fact that I am on half term (school holidays) so am at home studying rather than at work so just me and my own thoughts (and the cat).  I work as a librarian in a primary school and am also studying a degree in nutritional therapy!


Let's do this!


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Are you following the meal planning template? http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf. You should eat as many eggs as you can hold in one hand (3). I have found that I feel fuller if I eat a stir fry of ground meat and veggies in the morning. You should also eat 2-3 cups of veggies at each meal and 1-2 thumb sized portions of fat per meal. I think you need more fat, don't count the fat you cook with. This will help you feel fuller longer.

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Thanks Tina, I had thought the lack of fat could be contributing to how I felt.


Am working my way up to more at breakfast, i normally only just stomach a bowl of cereal!  Today though I was so happy as for the first time in goodness knows how I long I went from breakfast to my lunch!!!!


:D  :D  :D  :D


And lunch was divine!  


I wish my head wasn't feeling fuzzy but know from before this is the sugar (or lack of!) headaches beginning - i'll deal with them just like I will deal with any other challenges or symptoms which pop up over the coming weeks - it will be worth it!

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You may have eaten less than half of what you needed the first day. On the second day, I am pretty sure you still were not eating enough. People do this all the time at the beginning because they think the way to be healthy and lose weight is to eat small amounts of food. It doesn't work like that. It helps to make it a religious practice to never eat less than the meal template minimum and to eat up to double the recommended amount if you feel hungry. http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf

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Tom, I have to say your post has left me feeling a bit disheartened and upset.  I feel like I'm trying my hardest and apart from the fat content have been sticking to the meal template.  My symptoms will relate to the difference between how I was eating to how I'm not eating - it is normal to feel this way, I've been here before and it's always quite hard as I have anxiety issues as well (hence feeling so upset yesterday as feeling shaky/woozy is a symptom of anxiety so I was naturally quite worried).  In some ways, Whole 30 goes against some of the recommendations a qualified nutritionist gave me a year ago, I wanted to try it as seen the success in others however from the beginning I made a promise to myself that if it didn't feel right, or that others were making me feel bad for my choices/meals then I would rethink and perhaps go back to the recommendations the nutritionist made instead which is a mainly paleo lifestyle.  


I understand what you were trying to say but the way you said it made me feel like I have just massively failed.

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