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Self care - because I am worth it!


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Real life. It is hard. I am not the only one struggling with budgeting my time and energy, right?


Right now I work too much and sleep to little. I get up at 5:15 am, get to work at 7:15 (long commute), leave work, pick up the kids at pre-school, get home, make dinner, put them to bed, work until I go to bed at 11-ish pm. Day after day after day. Add in some jetlag from traveling for work, and weekly conferences with evening agendas and I am just done. 


I don't take the time to run every day, despite knowing that it makes me feel great when I stick to that. The other day I ate all the disguisting chocolate from my kids stash after putting them to bed, to get enough of a sugar rush to be able to turn my computer back on and work a few hours more. I am too tired to think straight. I get irritated with my husband for breathing too loudly during the night, bless his heart.  


I need to slooow down, find time and energy and practice some self care. Because this is my one life. And this journal is my attempt at living a whole9 life.


Since I am sure you are facing these challenges too, I'd love your input, ideas and comments!  :)



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Day 2

(Not counting down to anything special, just keeping track to make sure my life doesn't turn into one continous fiesta with a broken intestine.)


Sleep: 6-ish hours? Just met one deadline today, so spent yesterday night working for that. Really tired.



Breakfast: Sweet potato/aubergine/onion/apple hash, 2 eggs. Handful grapes. Coffee.

Lunch: Crawfish salad w/ mayo. Mexican meat stew, baked parsnip, salad. Handful nuts. Coffee.

Dinner: Chicken thighs, a few pieces chorizo, sweet potato/aubergine hash, broccoli, big salad, chipotle dipping sauce. 2-3 strawberries.

2 de-caf w/ coconut milk, handful walnuts/cranberries/a few pieces 100% chocolate.


Exercise: Hopefully, but most likely not tonight... Edited: No, as predicted.


Tomorrow I am going away for a two day course with work. I have warned the hotel about not eating gluten or milk protein, so I think I will be able to eat ok. I also told them to provide lots of eggs, and they promised they would. :D

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Ashley, so true. It is not about weight or apperance or what others think of us. It is about being the people we want to be. I want to be able to say "I am such a such person" and be proud of who I am and of the life choices I make. When I eat poorly I feel powerless, frustrated witrh myself and I know I am doing myself injustice. When I take care of myself i feel empowered, strong and like I can accomplish anything. Like I am in charge of my life.


So glad you decided to join in!


I just checked into my hotel room, but need to go back down for the course now. Be back later to log today!

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jennor - I hope your trip is going well.  Where are you this time?


I have been post-W30 for 3 days now. I have eaten things I have missed.  But I have not gone overboard!! And I am not eating the easter candy I am waiting to mail to my dd.  But it will be good to get it out of the house tomorrow.


Tonight I am making turkey loaf with tomato paste, seasonings, and almond meal. that, broccoli, and sp.  I am looking forward to it.


Happy eating!!

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Ashley - I was in northern Sealand, Denmark. It was a great course on how to perform in projects. Very nice. Unfortunately I picked up some bug there and came home with a horrible cough and a fever on Thursday night.

It is great that you are not going over board! i really enjoy being post-whole30 this time. I can eat sensibly but I don't have to freak out over the occasional pat of butter or splash of soy sauce.

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So, trying to sum up the past few days:


Wednesday (day 3):


Sleep: 7-ish hours?



Breakfast: Veggie hash, 3 eggs. Coffee

Lunch: Fish, Veal tonnato, veggies. Coffee

Snack: Piece of chocolate, handful nuts.

Dinner: Risotto (milk protein free) Veal steak, sellery, a few small spring potatoes. Piece of chocolate. A few sips of wine.


Exercise: 10 km (6.2 mi) run



Thursday (day 4):


Sleep: 6:40 (Woke up exhausted and not feeling well, but unable to understand why. (I realized later I was sick.)



Breakfast: Scrambled eggs (milk free) tomatoes, serving fruit, coffee

Lunch: Veal hash, vegetables. Coffee.

Snack: Piece of fruit.

Dinner: Chicken, sweet potato, salad


Exercise: Around 8 km (5 mi) run


I was absolutely dead when I cam home from my course and went to bed with the children.


Friday (day 5):


Sleep: 8-9 hours. I went to bed at 8 pm but was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night with a bad cough.


Breakfast: Piece of sweet potato, tomatoes, 2 eggs, coffee

Lunch: Chicken, baked beets, vegetables (Tossed down in 10 min between meetings. Not very relaxing)

Dinner: Chicken, sweet potato, vegetables and chipotle dipping sauce.

Snack: Some chocolate and liqurice.


Exercise: No. Coughing like crazy and running a slight fever.


Baby is crying. Will be back another day!

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Ok, so continuing from Saturday... :)


Saturday 140412 day 7


Sleep: 8 hours or so. Slept so well, despite the horrible cough. Or maybe because I drugged myself with cough syrup?



Breakfast. Aubergine/sweet potato/ onion/apple hash, egg, bacon, coffee. Tylenol for the fever.

Lunch: Chicken, sweet potato, salad, spicy sauce.

Dinner: Spicy chimicurri sausage, same hash from breakfast, spinash, spicy sauce.

Snack: Chocolatewhile working...

Didn't have much appetite all day.


Exercise: No, still sick.

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Finally caught up! :)


Sunday 140414 day 8


Sleep: 8 or more hours. Went to bed early and slept well despite the cough. I love sleeping and waking up with my family! During the week I always leave home before they are up, so weekend morning cuddles are so precious.



Breakfast: Aubergine/sweet potato/onion/apple hash, 2 eggs, spicy dipping sauce. coffee.

Lunch: Ground beef, baked sweet potato, mixed salad, spicy dipping sauce.

Snack: Handful grapes, a few pieces 100% chocolate, coffee.

Dinner: Steak, baked sweet potato, salad, olive oil and balsamico. A few pieces chocolate. De-caf w/ coconut oil.


Exercise: Still coughing up my lungs, so no. Hopefully on Tuesday!


Packing my overnight bag tonight for a two day meeting Mon-Tue. It will be a lot of fun, but hard work. I have spent a good chunk of this wekend prepping my presentation. The highest managemant will be there to listen, so everyone is on their toes. It will be two days of intense scientific discussions and probably a rather late night on Monday. The food is always great, and I have warned them that I am milk and gluten free, so I will eat well. :)


After this meeting I will take some down-time. I will work from home on Wednesday and then I am off Thurs-Mon for Easter holiday. Yay, I need that! My goal is to get healthy enough to run, and get a long run in during the week. I might also try to squeeze in a massage!

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When I have this gorgeous bed to myself, why can't I sleep? Why am I sitting here at 6 am missing the warm and cuddly family bed, the scent of sleeping children and the familiarity of home? Such a waste of sleep!

Yesterday Monday 140414 Day 9

Sleep: Around 9 hours, I think. Lots of coughing, but I still feel like I slept well. I have made sleep a priority the last couple of days, and it makes me feel better. I will try to continue doing that. It is an important part of my attempt at self care.


Breakfast before traveling here: two cold, pre-boiled eggs. (Setting the bar low. It could only get tastier from there, right?)

Breakfast upon arrival: Delucious homemade seedy paleo bread with homemade berry jam, coffee.

Lunch: beef tenderloin, a few pieces summe potato, leek, fresh mango salsa, salad with rhubarbs.

Snack: Chocolates. They have this organic brand that is 75% and absolutely amazing. I did eat too many. Coffee.

Dinner: Poached egg dish with dried moss. Braised beef with Jerusalem artichoke cream and wild blueberries. Chocolate ice cream with milk granite and Italian merengue. It was a delisious meal, and although definitely not Whole30, still completely free of grains and milk. I am so impressed by the chefs here. They are some of the best in Scandinavia and it really shows!

Exercise: 2 km on the treadmill to test my cough level. Experiment not successful, cough was horrible all day after. :(

I had my presentation yesterday, so now I can just enjoy the rest of the meeting without too much pressure. It is lots if exciting and relevant discussion, though, and I am really enjoying myself. There are some scientists here that are really top standard, and I love hearing their input and sharing our data. I am really impressed by this meeting so far.

At the same timeI am also aware of my need to gear down and take it slower the rest of the week after this meeting. I know I have this tendency to push-push-push until I can't anymore and part of my "self care project" is about trying to curb that inner stress junkie. Well, maybe not stress junkie really, more this need to accomplish so much all the time. Anyway, I will try to slow down a bit over Easter.

Enough rambling, time to get up and start the day!

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Hi jennor

I've been lazy about the computer. Anyway I hope you are home now and enjoying your down time. And I hope you a feeling well!!!

How did your presentation go?

I'm on day 4. Last week - 7 days between day 107 and a new day 1 was not great. I got into the Easter candy 3 days in. :( After that I decided I would start again after a few days. I did ok - no more candy- and after 2 of my favorite noncompliant meals I was ready to start again. I feel better already. This time I'm going to do a whole something till we leave for NY. And when we come back I'll start again.

I think that is how it's going to go - stretches of being very strict and then short bouts of going off road. Eventually it will turn into habit.

Happy Easter!

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Ashley, I am thinking about a Whole-something too. Easter candy + being sick + lack of sleep + sick child is not a good combination. it's been ugly the last few days.


The last few days have been really hard. I came home Tuesday night. I had been coughing so much that I threw out my back, so I could barely move. I am slightly better now, but my pelvis is still completely tilted. It is my lower back muscles that are so tight on one side that they are pulling my entire upper body to the left. I don't really know how to straigthen myself out, but I have had this phenomena before and I know staying active is key. Laying still makes my back more stiff and painful. But due to the cough and a sick toddler I haven't been able to move around much. I had planned to work from home Wednesday, but my youngest got sick so I have spent the past two days taking care of her. It is so sad when your kid has a high fever and just cries and cries.


Last night I hadn't been out of the house for two days. After the kids had gone to bed I drove to the store and bought candy. I cried a bit in my car too. I was just so exhausted and sick of my life. Why is it so hard to practice self care? I feel like I am never enough. Well, I do feel like I am enough of a mother. But it is at the expence of me being a wife and being ... just being me, for my own sake.


Taking an hour for myself during Saturday to go for a run. Maybe book a massage. Why is it so hard to do? Or even just sleep 8 hours?


I am sorry about this being such a depressing post. :(

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jennor - don't apologize for sharing. This journey can be really hard at times. I am so sorry about your back. I have had back muscle problems in the past. Not fun. Do you often get a massage when you have back issues? I don't - as the last time made it much worse. I love massages.

I have been thinking about self care a lot. I think we have to include compassion for ourselves as part of it. We have to kind to ourselves. Especially when we don't do what we think we should be doing. What do you think?

Yesterday went well. I had a evening class and then went to the store. Do wanted to buy sweets. Got myself a banana instead. :)

Take care!

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Ashley, good work buying the banana!

You are so right about compassion. It is hard to do, though. I feel like such a failure sometimes. Yesterday I had a total breakdown and I took it out on my oldest daughter. I felt terrible all night. I think that if I had been able to feel a bit more compassion for the tired, sick mother (me), I would have been able to find compassion for the wild, unruly 5-year old girl too.

I woke up today with a new cold. I guess I picked up what my toddler was having. This is ridiculous. I feel like it's been one thing after another since the beginning of February. My marathon is less than a month away and I am starting to think I won't be able to run it.

When are you going to NY? Are you doing a Whole-"until then"? Do you want to join forces? I think I need to go hard core in on the self care to stop this cycle of sleeping to little and being sick all the time. I am planning on starting tomorrow.

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Hi jennor

I think moms need extra compassion. :)

Well I did a whole 4!!! Yesterday I was at a lunch and learn - I knew I could not eat the prepared meal so I ate a huge breakfast. Well by 1:00 I was ravenous. So I ate the potato chips. Been on plan since then. Tonight we have a dinner out with new friends at a sushi restaurant. Not sure how that is going to go.

We leave for NY on 5/12. I think I will start a longer stretch Sunday - W21- after the sushi restaurant. Does that work?

This next 6 weeks is historically challenging - 2 birthdays and my anniversary. Luckily my birthday is while we are in NY so I can eat a treat. And luckily dh doesn't expect me to make a cake for his birthday and he's working late that day - so I can cook. The anniversary is doable. I think it'll be easier this year.

jennor -I hope you feel better soon!! It's hard staying well with kids. I know you are concerned about training. I hope you can work that out.

Take good care.

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That would work really well for me too! I have one challenge, my youngest daughter's birthday, but that should be doable. I could SWPO it, worst case. It would also mean that we were done by May 18th, when my marathon is (if I run it). I want to be able to use gels and sports drink if I run.

I am being careful with the running - I am not running while sick. So with one month to go I am seriously undertrained.

Should I start us a thread in the Whole30 forum?

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I changed my mind. I will start Monday. The 21st. Easter lunch is a challenge. And I can go till 5/11 and start back 5/16. And I remembered I am having surgery 4/30 and may have to have a liquid diet for a day. Does it work for you if I start late and end early with a weird day in the middle? I'll support you no matter what.

I have some goals but I need to think hard about them. Nuts. Fruit.

Also I have a very painful salivary stone which is making if difficult to eat anything. I will have the gland removed and feel much better. Cannot wait for that.

Let me know what you think.

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Let's do it! I'll start tomorrow. I need to stop the chocolate craziness. I am like 100% compliant but.... then there is chocolate.... And that is not good for my tummy. I think I'll go until May 17th. What would that be, a Whole 27?

I don't think you need to not count the surgery day. That is medical orders, so it tops Whole 30 rules. As long as they only give glucose (and drugs!) but not soy or something I think it would still count.

I need to think about goals too. Sleep is going to be one goal though. 8 hours a night.

Also to try to gear down a bit in general, especially with work. It's been a crazy stretch now, but I hope it will not be too crazy in the coming weeks. If I am sick I want to give myself permission to take a sick day.

No coffee after noon.

Three meals per day, plus pre- and post wo fueling. Limited nuts and fruit.

So sorry about the salivary stone. That sounds really painful. Is soft food easier to eat or is it all the same?

I'll start us up in the whole30 forum tomorrow. Then you can jump in on Monday. Do you have any idea for a title?

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jennor - Sounds like a great plan. I never know what title to pick.

My goals would be: 3 meals, 1 piece of fruit/day and 1 serving of nuts per day. If I need a snack them it has to follow the meal template. Limited eating out.

I'll catch up with you tomorrow.

Happy eating.

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