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Diana's First Whole 30 - start date 4/8/14


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Hi all, I was pleased to find these forums after doing some research on the whole30 forum, as I feel like having a place to track my thoughts, feelings, and experiences during the program that matches the online format I'm already used to will be really helpful!


I suppose an introduction is in order. I'm 25, I work a desk job, I'm engaged, I have 2 cats, and I live with my fiance and roommate. My fiance is not on the program with me (he is a midwestern boy who I don't think could wean himself off of milk if he tried), but has been very supportive. Other roommate is also supportive, but going this alone in a kitchen that will be full of other temptors (I can't really hide away all the not allowed foods) will be interested. They have been warned of possible mood and temper fluctuations (I read the timeline thoroughly!), as have my closest colleagues.


I'm mainly doing this to hopefully find a way to think about food more healthily. I have had an unhealthy relationship with food since my teenage years - being a ballet dancer on the pre-professional track and sprouting hips and thighs while my peers sprouted height and length will do that to you - and I've struggled with it ever since. Lately I've noticed that I can't get enough of white carbs and I find it more difficult to talk myself into healthier foods, which is a big no-no in my book. I have ADD and just started a new medication as well, so I'm just trying to get my body as healthy as possible so I can work on alleviating my mental addiction to certain foods and to food as comfort.


With that said, I have a fridge full of fresh food, have done my research, and have told people in all aspects of my life in order to have both a support system and to hold myself accountable. Nothing not-allowed will never be worth having to shamefully tell my friends and colleagues that I failed over an oreo.


So it's 12:52pm and I'm going into a lunch meeting in a few minutes, so I'll post my meals up to this point:




-3 scrambled eggs, evoo used to cook

-fruit smoothie - mainly blueberries and strawberries, with a couple of peaches and a chunk of mango, blended with about a half cup of 100% fruit juice, and water. This was mostly to get rid of the rest of the 100% fruit juice in the fridge - not making this a habit.



Because of the late lunch, tummy was grumbling -

-1 hard boiled egg

-about 12 almonds

-hot tea



-Power mediterranean roasted turkey salad from Panera, no pepperoncinis, added avocado


Mood: Feeling pretty even today. Had a busy morning and do not anticipate getting through much of my to-do list today, having troubles focusing (most likely due to lack of full night's sleep), but am in general in an amiable mood. Equal parts terrified and excited for this experience.


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Welcome Diana!


I saw your note about the smoothie - glad to see you don't plan to make this a habit, as smoothies are discouraged on a Whole30. Drinking food is less satiating than chewing food. Plus, when you use fruit in a smoothie, it's too easy to overdo too much fruit in one serving.  The Whole30 guideline is 1-2 servings of fruit per day, where a serving is a whole piece of fruit the size of your fist.  


Finally, fruit juice is to be use only as a flavoring in cooking - not as a beverage - on a Whole30.  Could your fiance or roommate have the remaining fruit juice?

Overall, don't let fruit push veggies off your plate. 

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Day One Part Two!


I was grouchy this afternoon and a bit headachey, but it's also that time of the month, so it could be related to that and lack of sleep. Had a super fuzzy brain all afternoon and found it hard to focus on dinner, so I ended up just making half a chicken breast in the oven. Food update:


Afternoon snack: Cucumber with evoo and salt and pepper


Dinner: Half a chicken breast, baked in the oven, seasoned.

Cucumber and tomato salad with evoo, balsamic vinegar and s&p.


I'm super tired so I'll be going to bed QUITE soon. I prepped some sweet potato hash to eat with fried eggs tomorrow morning, I have some steak with peppers and broccoli for lunch, and a few more hard boiled eggs. I'm concerned already about food boredom and texture issues - it's interesting, my brain I think is already scared of what I'm doing and it's making it hard to eat. i'm used to this from years of disordered eating, but I hope I can get over the hump.

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Good morning Day 2!


I did NOT sleep well last night. I slept very lightly and woke up at every little sound, which is not like me. Despite that, I actually do feel energized and happy this morning. I noted last night that I had 2 small cravings - one for Pirate's Booty, and the other for chocolate ice cream. What struck me is that the feeling was fleeting - after 5 minutes or so I wasn't thinking about it. If I had been allowed those foods, I definitely would've eaten some, and for what? I wasn't actually hungry. I didn't need them. They just sounded like they would taste good. I would've consumed an extra 300+ calories yesterday just because something sounded like it would taste good. Already I'm seeing that I give in to these small cravings because I can, and because I've been at a consistent weight for awhile. I lost 15 pounds last year and kept it off, but I have another 20 or so to go and because they are largely "vanity" pounds, I think I've justified way too many "treats" to myself. I'm already grateful for this insight.


Today so far:



-Sweet potato hash and one fried egg, cooked in evoo


That sweet potato hash is a miracle - SO delicious! I'm so glad I've found one new recipe I really like. I am already getting a little bored of evoo though, so I think this afternoon I may try my hand at making my own ghee and mayo. Interesting, already, I'm taking a much more active role in my food, instead of passively eating whatever's available.

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Finishing off my meals from yesterday -


Snack: hard boiled egg, a few almonds


Lunch: flank steak with brocolli and bell peppers


Snack: hard boiled egg, a handful of strawberries


dinner: zoodles and homemade tomato sauce


The zoodles are a revelation, friends. Not being a liker of zucchini, I had lots of trepidation when thinking of trying it. Honestly, when I took the lid off the glass container I nuked them in and the steam hit me, I almost just didn't do it beause the smell was not great. But tossed with tomato sauce? amazing!!! I am so inspired, I think I'm going to get more zucchini today so I can try a sort of aglio et olio style zoodle dish with some grilled chicken. yum.


Cheese was a big craving yesterday - I think because I used to grab a couple of cheesesticks in the afternoons when I got hungry and it would keep me satiated. I didn't give in though! I also went to a work conference today and purposely bought my own snack, so go me for thinking ahead.


Food so far:


Breakfast: sweet potato hash with 2 fried eggs, hot tea


Snack: a small bowl of pineapple, a handful of almonds


Lunch (late lunch): same as yesterday, flank steak with peppers and broccoli


I have a short "at my desk" day today because of the conference, and I'm actually looking forward to going to the grocery store tonight and getting what I need for my dinner tonight.I'm lucky that I have the time to devote to my foods, and hopefully as I get better at this I will develop a bank of recipes that I can mentally reach into to get me going.


A couple of observations - I do not feel like I'm not eating well, and not just healthily, but satisfyingly. So many diets focus on limitation, and this one does not, but just promotes the consumption of whole foods. I'm surprised at how rich my foods can taste, though I have to say the extra fat consumption is a bit strange to me, as I used to limit my fats, but not my sugars so well. I do notice that I get hungry more gradually now than I did, instead of being hit all at once with a feeling of ravenous hunger, I transition slowly from satiated, to fine, to "could eat", to "wants a snack", to "needs a snack", to "okay seriously get me some food." whereas before it would be "satiated" ... ... ... "HUNGRY".


I've been a bit headachey, but am not noticing other physical downsides, though I did sleep lightly again last night and my brain seems a little fuzzy. I was honestly expecting this to be harder, and granted it is only day 3 so who knows what I might be saying in a few days. It's worth noting as well that I can't have any of my "favorite" foods on this diet (I grew up on a steady diet of rice, beans, and potatoes), and it is helping me eat only until I'm full. Not that I'm saying the foods I've had aren't delicious, because honestly I haven't made a meal yet that wasn't enjoyable, but that emotional attachment isn't there. I eat until I'm full, and I've noticed it takes a lot less to get to full than I thought it would. I used to wonder why me, a petite woman, had such a big appetite, and now I'm thinking it wasn't a true appetite, but just a mental compulsion to eat as much of my favorite food as possible. That is so unnecessary.

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Finishing off yesterday -

Snack - handful of almonds, hardboiled egg, strawberries (I was really hungry yesterdaY)

Dinner - half a chicken breast, fried smashed plantains, some zoodles


Ooh did the grumpiness hit me yesterday afternoon. My fiance was eating peroagies and it SUCKED to not be able to reach over and nibble on them. I don't even like them that much! I mean I suppose that's a revelation in itself - I would've probably eaten 2 of them and they're not even close to being my favorite food. The trend continues - I seem to have a habit of giving in to small impulses when it comes to food.


I went to bed sort of grumpy and sad but I actually did wake up feeling more energized than usual, despite more light sleep. Meals so far:


Breakfast: three scrambled eggs cooked in ghee (so delicious!)


Lunch: Power mediterranean turkey salad from Panera, no pepperoncinis, add avocado (second time my office has ordered lunch this week)


Had a dream that I mindlessly snacked on chocolate ice cream and actually woke myself up I was so horrified that I had slipped on whole 30 with no real intention. I guess it goes to show that deep down I'm committed and scared of failing, which is every reason to not let myself fail.


No mid-morning snack today either, which I thought I would need because I didn't have my sweet potato hash. maybe my body is adapting? It's almost 1:30 and I've only started feeling truly hungry and sort of sluggish in the last half hour or so. Really surprised at the amount of energy I've had today.

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Wow I haven't posted in awhile! This will be a fun exercise to see if I remember my meals -


Dinner 4/11 - the rest of my steak and peppers - half a sweet potato with ghee



m1: sweet potato hash with 2 fried eggs

m2: burger patties (homemade) with peppers and onions, some pineapple, and tomato/cucumber salad

m3: buffalo chicken soup - pretty tasty!



m1: some leftover soup, some fresh berries

m2: salad with romaine and spinach, chicken, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, o&v

m3: completely blanking



m1: scrambled eggs in ghee

m2: leftover soup

m3: meatballs

snacks: hardboiled egg, pineapple



m1: completely blanking

m2: meatballs

m3: salsa stuffed bacon wrapped chicken breasts (SO GOOD)



m1: 2 apples and some almond butter

m2: meatballs

m3: paleo pastelon

snacks: lara bar, mango



m1: paleo pastelon

snack: mango

lunch (will be): the last of my meatballs


I know you're not seeing a lot of veggies on my meals, but they're in there, snuck in ehre and there. I did munch on raw peppers yesterday, had some tomatoes, and the soup had a half a head of cauliflour in it. I could definitely up my veggie intake though. Most of the things I've cooked have had lots of onion and garlic, the soup had a lot of celery. I just like very few veggies raw or steamed without a bit of  butter (and while I like ghee as a cooking fat, I have to say I'm not a fan of it as a butter substitute). I've also run into a bit of a budget issue as I forgot my brother was coming to stay, so I've been subsisting mostly off of frozen veggies.


excuses excuses, eat more veggies, I gotcha.


Some revelations:

-Cravings are basically completely gone except for that lingering want of chocolate ice cream

-I discovered my first REALLY GREAT paleo recipe with that chicken.

-Sugar is in everything. EVERYTHING. It was annoying at first to find it on all the labels, and now I'm more horrified than anything else. I'm happy that the TJ's salsa I have is sugarless.

-I don't really like dates, but I do like lara bars, so if I can get my hands on some unsweetened dried cherries, I can make my own larabars to have in a pinch.

-The further away I get from my days of daily pieces of chocolate, the sweeter fruit tastes. I had the last of my pineapple yesterday and it tasted like candy as far as I was concerned.

-I have far less energy issues.

-The sleep problem has fixed itself I think.

-My blood sugar stays so much more consistent than before. I have not had a "so hungry I'ma eat everything" moment the entire time I've been on this, and yesterday I wasn't able to eat dinner until quite late, about 10pm. I had a snack on 5, but pre-whole30 I would've broken down and eaten anything I could get my hands on. I was definitely hungry, but my mood was good and I didn't get like dire until my pastelon was almost done cooking.

-Whole30 may be the best thing I've done for myself in awhile.


I have some steak marinating at home that will turn into kabobs for dinner tonight, and I think I'll make more tomato sauce to dump on some zoodles because I really gotta use that zucchini.

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Anddddd for some reason I feel like crap. My stomach hurts, though I haven't eaten anything weird/that I haven't had in the last 10 days with no issues. I'm tired and not grouchy, but just...sad. I'm not really thinking about food, I'm not particularly interested in eating to be honest, but I have to wonder if it has to do with this? Just some Day 10 blues?

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The stomach ache could be raw vegetables, or getting accustomed to this way of eating.  Digestive enzymes may help.


Try adding some carb-dense vegetables daily.  For some folks feeling blue, this can help improve your emotions. Sweet potatoes, winter squash, beets, carrots, jicama, rutabaga and parsnips are among your options.

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I'm with you on the ghee.  This week I made mashed carrots and mash cauliflower.  In both cases, I used a combination of ghee, coconut oil and compliant organic vegetable broth to try to make them creamy.  You might try the ghee/coconut oil combo to substitue where you would have used butter in the past.  I also added a lot of sage to the carrots to cut the sweetness.  It worked pretty well.

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Thank you much for the advice!! I ended up not doing the kabobs last night and ate at Chipotle (got the same thing nomnompaleo got on her blog while she was on whole 30 - a salad, no rice or beans, carnitas, 2 types of salsa and ALL the guacamole.) It was so delicious. Chipotle is one of my two big fast food weaknesses (the other is Noodles & Co), and I was happy to find that the salad was at least as delicious as the rice bowls I used to get. That "treat" (I'm trying to eat out less in general) lifted me up a bit and while my tummy ache lingered until I went to sleep, I woke up feeling a lot better.


I've been eating plantains like on the daily, so it's definitely good to hear that sort of thing isn't completely frowned upon. Whole 30 is such a different way of thinking than I'm used to on the healthy eating front - I'm used to avoiding carb dense things in general, and fat, and it's nice to be allowed to indulge in carb-dense veggies, because omg they are so delicious, and so much more filling and satisfying than rice. I haven't weighed myself, but I've noticed that my waist line is definitely slimmer and my clothes are fitting looser. I also managed to button up a pair of pants I haven't been able to wear in years - they're wayyy too tight to be out in the world, but I remember a time that I couldn't even get them up over my thighs, so I'll take it! After years of calorie counting and feeling tremendous guilt over a sice of pizza, it's mind blowing to me that I can eat when I'm hungry, stop when I'm full, and it's really all due to this diet. My food is delicious and filling and flavorful. My friends are so sick of me saying it, I'm sure, and it's only been 11 days, but I basically consider myself a convert at this point. I've never had such even energy before, and the lack of gastro issues is amazing. I never had a really bad stomach or anything, but I would get gassy and bloaty in the evenings, and that's basically gone.


You know, I'm not a huge fan of coconut flavor (except for coconut flakes, which I could eat all day erry day), but I cooked everything for my pastelon in coconut oil and it actually does go beautifully with the plantains, so I think I'll try it with a mash. Thanks!


A little headachey today but I think I'm just a bit dehydrated. My brother is in town and I love love love him and he's been a TON of fun, but I'm really looking forward to getting some solid alone time on Monday. I think I'll turn my phone off, stick it in a drawer, and just focus on cleaning, unpacking more, and prepping more whole30 goodness for next week.


Meals thus far:


m1: the last of my pastelon. need to get more ground beef so I can get more, it makes such an easy and delicious breakfast. next time I'll add olives.


m2: sweet green salad as recommended by a thread on this forum - I got the guacamole green with no chicken or tortilla chips, added egg, cucumber, red and green peppers and organic cilantro, with the lime jalapeno cilantro dressing.


It's day 11 and I'm proud of myself. I've been faced with tons of different temptations and honestly was able to brush them aside. I'll let you in on a secret, the real reason I decided to do this was something my fiance said: "I think you need to do this to prove to yourself that you can." He knows I'm working on my lack of assertiveness and self confidence, and so I did this to sort of..."spite" myself in a way, going on and on in the beginning how you could take my rice and beans and potatoes away from me for life over my dead body. Well look at me eating my words. I'm going to try and stick to the 80/20 rule post whole 30, and introduce things slowly, and I don't know that I'll ever be comfortable with added sugar in things that just shouldn't have sugar ever again. I HOPE I'm not, certainly. I'm proving a lot of things to myself and gaining a healther perspective on food all at the same time, and I have complete confidence that I'm going to make it. My "I feel so sad I want food as comfort" breakdown ended up in me eating a mango, not buying a pack of oreos or a cupcake, and when I was still looking for comfort, I called my fiance instead of reaching for another mango. Food does not have to equal comfort, it's just one of the fastest ways to achieve a comfortable feeling, but there are so many other ways to comfort yourself that are more fulfilling and long lasting, and best of all, there isn't any of that guilty feeling once you feel better.

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I do! I tried them with a lighter avo et oili or whatever it's called sauce though and it was no good - I need a heavier sauce to mask the zucchini flavor (I don't like zucchini). But under a nice homemade tomato sauce? All good.


I tried making cauliflower rice months ago and I think I accidentally food processed it too much and it ended up mushy and awful. Any tips for keeping the grain bigger and more consistent?


This weekend's meals:

Friday m3: steak kabobs and steamed veggies


Saturday m1: scrambled eggs in evoo and bacon


m2: something and sweet potato fries...I can't remember what the protein was.


m3: fried drumsticks and steamed veggies


Sunday m1: some fruit (woke up late and went to a...)


m2: picnic! whole30 compliant sausages, pineapple, grapes, olives


m3: completely blanking.


Monday m1: woke up verrrrrryyyy late, so this was more like lunch. chipotle salad again - carnitas, guac, salsas.


m2: some home-made pork rinds a friend brought over. I ended up eating wayyy too many of them and am still nauseous. yesterday afternoon I only had a banana and some almond butter.


Tuesday m1: a banana and decaf black coffee. still super nauseous.


Day 14 and I think a little food fatigue is setting in, though it could just be this extreme nausea that's keeping me from wanting to eat anything. I have some light foods on hand today to munch on.


It's been quite a tulmultuous time in life for me - we moved a month ago, with lots of things going on in between - car breaking down, fiance working 2 jobs, the most senior colleague on our side of the company I work for (which only has 4.5 team members with her) going on maternity leave and having to step up into her place, and my roommate said something really accurate about my whole 30 experiment: "I think this has been good for you because even in this stressful time where you don't have a lot of time for yourself or to work out or anything, you've been able to do something that makes you feel good about yourself and is good for you." And it's so true. As much of a pain as it is to cook all the time, I know withou whole 30 I would've been relying on the easiest foods all the time and lord knows how much weight I would have gained. I went to Costco yesterday in tight yoga pants and a t-shirt and that's not something I would've been comfortable leaving the house in before. I have definitely slimmed down, but better than that, I've discovered lots of great new foods and my energy has been more consistent than ever. I'm completely sold.


Also point of pride - I was at a picnic with rotisserie chicken (from the grocery store, so not compliant it's not even funny), bread, and 2 types of cheeses amongst other things and I kept to my whole 30 foods. I'm amazed at my self control. The cheeses especially were calling my name...brie and gouda, 2 of my very favorites. But it's just not worth the self sabatoge, is it? I can have those foods in small amounts later and enjoy them all the more.


Fiance bought jelly beans yesterday and I sniffed the bag and was really overwhelmed by how sweet and artifical they smelled, like a fruit punch candle. I wonder how things like that will taste after whole 30.

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Finishing off yesterday:


m2: hardboiled egg and some red pepper. was so nauseous yesterday.


m3: taco soup and a banana


I'm losing count of days I'm on which I guess is a good thing! Let me check my calendar...Day 16! Go me!


Made some taco soup last night because I just could NOT do the whole30 friendly pulled pork I made. I hate to throw out food but I just really could not, it was so unappetizing. The taco soup is pretty good though!


I don't think I have anything particularly insightful or interesting to say today, so on with the meals so far:


m1: 2 eggs scrambled in evoo, still feeling a touch nauseous.


m2: taco soup.


I have some salted cod I made soaking in the fridge so I'm hoping to make a bacalao stew tonight, yum!

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Finishing yesterday:

m2.5 - fruit smoothie. I know I know, but I had to run an errand that took WAY longer than anticipated and it kept me alive. I got it fruit only and had them mix it with just water because I wasn't sure if their fruit juice had no added sugar and the pleasant teenagers working at the place didn't seem to know either. Weirdly, it kept me full for hours.


m3: bacalao stew (at 10 pm :( ), which mostly came out super tomato-ey.


And because I didn't eat dinner until late last night, I am now nauseous yet again and struggling to keep food down. I'm not pregnant, but I am having super struggles to eat the last few days. I did just switch to a different focus med for my ADD, so it could very well be that. Meat is settling REALLY heavily though, even lighter proteins like fish and eggs, so I've been sadly relying on fruit and almonds to see me through. It's not perfect, but at least I'm still relatively "on plan", I haven't had a food off plan still in my 17 days. Without further ado -


Today's meals:

m1: apples and almond butter that I'm very, very, very, very slowly eating while sipping lemon ginger tea.


m2: more taco soup. will probably go over to TJ's at lunch to grab an avocado because I was hungry a couple of hours after eating my portion of this yesterday and the beef in it is relatively lean, so I think I need to add some fat. plus the avocado will be so super tasty in it anyway.


m3: might go super simple tonight and do a grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies with evoo or ghee. I have leftover bacalao stew, but I don't think I can stomach it.


It's been stress at school, stress at home, and little sleep the past few days so I'm going to try and go easy on myself for not following the meal template exactly. I woke up with the BIGGEST craving for something soft, yeasty, and covered in cinnamon sugar, but I haven't broken plan. I'm looking for comfort in food because that's what I'm used to, and it simply doesn't have to be that way.


Weird side effect of Whole 30 that I totally didn't anticipate is better self control in general. The errand I ran was taking my roommate to Ulta, a make-up and beauty store, to help her find some things to create a look for her sister's wedding. I am a beauty product junkie. I love make-up, lotions, nail polish, you name it, I probably have too much of it. I'm being very careful with my spending right now because fiance is working 2 jobs and we're not sure what his future employment situation will be like after one job ends. Being in a make-up store for me is a huge "I NEED ALL OF THIS" trigger, and I came REALLY close to buying 2 nailpolishes and a lip gloss, which would've only cost me about $15, but I said no. I said no! And I walked out without buying anything! This may seem sort of silly to some, but the two things I use to comfort myself that I severely need to get out of the habit of are food and beauty products. I still ended up having a fabulous afternoon with my roommate, and I got to do it guilt free. I absolutely thank Whole 30 for the ability to say no to things I don't really need, both for my body and my wallet.

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Ended up getting that avocado and putting it in my soup kept me full for hours! The template works people.


m3: pastelon, super late again. I need to be better at prep work.


So far today: black coffee.


Holy appetite loss Batman. I am having a VERY hard time eating at the moment. Even my favorite foods don't sound good guys. Even a banana smoothie doesn't sound good. Fun fact: if I could subsist off of banana smoothies, I would. I'm not sure if it's major food fatigue setting in, the new med, or a combination of the two, but it's just been tough the last few days. I don't even want pineapple. Like, the carby things I love to reach for, I just don't want. And it's not really a matter of missing my old foods, because you put down a bowl of puerto rican rice and beans in front of me and tell me I couldn't leave the office until I ate it, and I think I'd still pick at it. I'll go heat up my breakfast just to have it near me. I've had to distract myself into eating the past few days. I know you're supposed to sit down and focus on your meal, but if I try and do that I just get so turned off my food, so I've been reading, browsing the net on my phone, and my hand sneaks food into my mouth when my brain isn't looking. I've had bad issues with disordered eating in the past so this isn't necessarily new, but it's not like my body doesn't need food even if my brain doesn't want it. I got quite grouchy last night and I'm sure it was because I was so hungry, but there were no hunger pains, no headaches, no tummy growls. Normally I would start living off green smoothies, but I had a sip of fiance's paleo-friendly one yesterday and wanted to die. This is starting to majorly suck.


Interesting thing happened yesterday - I bought some unsweetened dried cherries from Trader Joe's so I can make homemade Lara bars (as a rare treat, and also to have something in my bag that I can carry easily). I popped one in my mouth was like yum! they hardly taste any less tart than sweetened dried cherries, why would anyone eat those when you could have one of these? Gave one to fiance, whose face instantly contorted. I was surprised, and asked him, didn't he like it? they were so sweet! he responded that they were not, it was one of the tart-est, bitter-est things he'd ever had, and spat it out. I was shocked and he said, "That's pretty telling, isn't it? You haven't had processed sugar in 3 weeks and this tastes sweet to you. I had a Cadbury creme egg last night and this tastes super bitter." It was another relevation. I'm endlessly pleased that my taste has changed in only 3 weeks. Hopefully this will keep me from very sugary things in the future. Fiance works 2 jobs right now, but after his main job ends this summer, he's going to attempt paleo as well. He has lots of gut and heartburn issues, mainly having to do with acids (tomatos, citrus, garlic, and harsher alcohols are murder on his stomach), and I think having him on a very limited diet will be helpful for awhile. I'm interested to see what taking away grains and sugars will do for him, since he has a major sweet tooth and love of comfort food. Any ideas for paleo recipes that don't utilize onions, garlic and tomato for flavor are GREATLY appreciated! I'm not a fan of indian/thai cuisine, but he is, so maybe it's just a matter of trying recipes on that end of the spectrum. He won't be giving up dairy, but he already buys good quality milk, and I'm going to ask that he limits all other dairy products except for milk. I'm excited for him to try it with me. It's been so great for me and I think it will be good for him too. I already plan to keep on doing 80/20 paleo after Whole 30, so it will be an extra motivator.


I'd better go try and pick at my breakfast (which is delicious, beautiful pastelon that I JUST DON'T WANT).


By the way, it's Day 18, that's what's up! :D Also, no, I do NOT have a lot of raw veggies. I find them very hard to eat. But all the things I make, the pastelon, the taco soup, etc., have as much veggie crammed into them as I can. The taco soup has zucchini, tons of tomato, onion, and cauliflower. The pastelon has peppers, onion, tomato again and some spinach. And this is deifnitely not something I would've done before whole 30, so I am proud of myself for sneaking veggies into my food.

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HOLY COW GUYS DAY 22!!!! 22 days ago I really was not expecting to get to this point, 20 days ago I thought I'd only get here because I HATE failing, and I'd never enjoy the food and return to old habits POST HASTE and now 22 days later I am feeling like a huge rock star. I have most definitely lost weight, I have TONS of energy, and I am loving what I'm eating. I've noticed my skin is better and softer and my hair is more manageable as well. Whole 30 wins as one of the best things I've ever done.


Okay let's see if I can cover the last few days:


Day 18:


m1: pastelon


m2: salad with avocado, mesclun, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion. taco soup.


m3: no clue.


Day 19:


m1: taco soup?


m2: oh man am I bad at this.


m3: who knows.


Day 20:


m1: air, apparently.


m2: maybe I munched on some grass. is grass whole 30 compliant guys?


m3: there was definitely some braised red cabbage involved.


Day 21:


m1: pastelon


m2: burger patty and braised red cabbage


m3: omellette with onions and peppers


Day 22:


m1: 3 scrambled eggs


m2: burger patty and braised red cabbage


m3: probably chicken and asparagus.


I'm nearing that "holy cow what do I eat after this?!" panic stage, and by nearing I mean I'm there. I'm going to follow the recommended reintroductions, but my birthday is on May 14th. I need to figure out what I want to eat for my birthday dinner so I can maybe try to reintroduce those foods first before my birthday so I don't end up feeling awful. Other people who have maybe kept a paleo life after whole 30, did you count calories for your weight loss? or just ate paleo, kept the super fun treats at a minimum (even the paleo ones), and exercised? I'm a little concerned if I start counting calories I'll be put off paleo, because of all the fats, but the results are clearly here. I half-asleep reached for a pair of slacks this morning, pulled them on, zipped and buttoned them, and then realized that I NEVER wear those slacks. They're the slacks that have been too small for ages. They were still a little too tight to wear comfortably to work, but I could get in them!!!


I'm just wondering if continuing to lose weight and then maintaining weight is possible on just a careful paleo diet without calorie counting.

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Day 25. It seems for me the first and last weeks are the hardest. It's like I can totally tell I'm almost done and though it's been an awesome experience, my tummy is itching for more varied foods. I had the WORST craving for mcdonald's yesterday but I thought of earlier that day, when I caught sight of myself in a mirror and realized how slim I looked, and that craving just shut itself right up.


Day 23 meals:


m1: scrambled eggs (3)


m2: the last of my ground beef and braised red cabbage


m3: lemon chicken and sweet potato wedges (SO YUM)


Day 24 meals:


m1: apples and almond butter


m2: the last of my pastelon


m3: chicken with broccoli and bell peppers


Day 25 meals so far:


m1: scrambled eggs (2)...not very hungry this morning.


m2: salad with roasted turkey, hard boiled egg, avocado, bacon, greens,a nd tomatoes. so excited.


m3: who knows?

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So confession time - my whole 30 ended at Day 27, Sunday. I was at an amusement park that actualyl does have a good varied amount of food, but I was feeling dizzy and wanting a starch, so I had a baked potato. I'm not unhappy with the early end, I think I've gotten what I want out of the program and I'm so excited now to continue on with a mainly paleo lifestyle and way of eating. The small sugars I've had since Sunday have not been satisfying or that good, so I'm feeling like I've broken the sugar addiction and am on my way to living a ilghter and leaner life with clean eating. Thank you all for your support! I will definitely be doing another whole 30 again!

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