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Linda's Whole30 Log


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I am beginning this log with great humility. No high and lofty goals, since my last few attempts at that have been...less successful that I would hope.


I just want to eat right, work out, and sleep well.


I'm finally recovering from a bad cold or allergies or something that had me struggling with a bad cough that kept me up several nights. Homeopathic remedies were not cutting it, no matter what I tried, so I ended up resorting to Mucinex and NyQuil cough for three nights. Not my favorite way to go, but at least I got some sleep and the cough finally has subsided. Last night had nothing - no Mucinex, no NyQuil and slept just fine. Praise the Lord.


I began yesterday, 4/7, with:


Breakfast hash of venison and veggies, carrots, olives

Lunch of mustard chicken (Practical Paleo), cucumber and tomato salad with a splash of olive oil, cabbage and kale sauteed in olive oil, and two clementines

Dinner of bacon (uncured side bacon from a wild hog shot by my husband), 2 egg frittata with cabbage and kale, sweet potato hash browns with Paleo mayo, and two clementines


Also one hot dog and some olives for a snack, and a hard boiled egg pre-workout


Monday's workout was:

Warmup - 10 100 meter row sprints (getting faster on short sprints)

3 x 5 back squat at 60, 70, and 80 pounds

3 x 5 front squat - 45# warmup followed by 50, 55, 65

WOD: 100 burpees for time, 9:16 - not my best time, but not bad for my first time back after only working out three times in the prior two weeks (as opposed to my normal four a week workouts)



Breakfast was the same - I'm very boring that way. :)

I didn't have my hard boiled egg before my workout because the timing didn't work out - plus my lunch was a little light due to a tight meeting schedule - had my chicken, and my cucumber and tomato salad, and an organic pear

On the way home I was hungry, so I had some raisins and almonds

Dinner was the same as last night :) 

Plus I had a few olives


Today's workout:

Warmup: 800 meter run

3 rounds of 10 front rack lunges with empty bar (I used the ultralight - still getting tired pretty easily from the cough), 10 push press (45# bar) and 10 back squats (45# bar)

WOD: 5 rounds for time of 25 kettlebell swings and 100 doubleunders or 300 singles. I used the 25# kettlebell and did singles, since I have "one at a time" DUs, LOL...so that's a total of 125 kb swings and 1500 singles. 20:34

Skill was supposed to be deadlifts, but I had to postpone since I had to go back to work.


Good to be back at the gym and to be back on the nutritional track!



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Hi! Welcome back  to the forum! 


I love eating the same thing for meals - I am weird and food doesn't get old for me. That and I especially enjoy whole30/paleo foods. 


Good luck on your journey! 

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Hi and thank you! The journey continues for me as I try to conquer my sugar demon...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's weird about eating the same thing over and over. It's just easier, LOL. My breakfast hash comes from the Success Guide (without the apples). I vary the meat depending on my mood, and the veggies depend on what I get in my organic box or what the grocery has, but it's always kale and some starchy veggies. Lately eggplant has been a favorite.

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That sounds delish!!

I've been on a (compliant) bacon and eggs breakfast. Tomorrow I'm going to sub smoke salmon for bacon...

I made a huge pot of chili chocolate tonight. Eating it for dinner, lunch and then dinner again. Ha!

How have you been making the eggplant?

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Tayleo, I am all about the simple, lol! I am truly lazy when it comes to cooking - I like to do it Saturday or Sunday, get it done, and just reheat or make eggs the rest of the week. So I just peel and cube the eggplant, then salt it lightly and let it sit for an hour, then rinse and squeeze out as much moisture as I can...then just toss it in with everything else. This week it was eggplant, turnips, red cabbage for color, kale and mushrooms. Very hearty and healthy.

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Day 3 was probably the toughest so far...perhaps because I didn't go to the gym today. As much as I dread it sometimes, I feel worse when I don't go! But today was a planned rest day...I had a meeting right after lunch, so couldn't go then, and went to the chiropractor after work. Plus, this is my first week back after being sick, so I'm just going three times this week instead of four...


But anyway...at least I was busy all day long! I had a few moments of cravings, but I said a Hail Mary or an Our Father (thank you, Made to Crave) and that helped me get through it. 


Meals today were pretty much the same...

Breakfast hash, carrots and olives

Mustard chicken, cucumber and tomato salad, cabbage and kale

Some almonds and raisins on my way home - this is a habit I need to break

For dinner tonight, we are having deer steak and an organic yam, and some clementines. Yum!


Hope everyone else out there is having a great day. I do feel better, more steady, even during the Hangover phase, LOL...

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What a day today...ups and downs. Very rough workout, felt delighted to have it done...but found out a dear lady passed away...someone I went into the Catholic Church with. Diagnosed with cancer and died within months. So sad!

Food went well today, though I didn't get lunch again. But it was a triumph, because usually if I don't get lunch and I do a rough workout, I use that as an excuse to "treat" myself. And I was tempted, I confess, but this prayer thing really does work.

Breakfast was my usual...hash, carrots, and olives.

Only got post-workout and a hard boiled egg after he workout.

Had some nuts and raisins to help me get through the hunger

Dinner - organic hot dogs, plantain chips, tomatoes, and clementines

Was very tired so glad to get through the workout!

Warmup: 3 rounds of running 200 meters, bear crawl from front of gym to back, walking lunge back of gym to front

Skills: Max effort handstand holds. I tried some kipping handstand push-ups and made a little progress off the mats

WOD: 10! Deadlifts (10, then 9, then 8 and so forth) After each deadlift round, one round of Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats)

For a total of 55 deadlifts at 85#, 50 (banded pull-ups, 100 knee push-ups, and 150 squats.

I'm tired!

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Friday was a mixed bag...so I'm rebooting...


Friday morning was fine - I had a salmon cake and a hardboiled egg with carrots and olives, since it's still Lent. 


Our WOD was a local hero WOD...Wadlow 2/2, named after one of our coaches who came back from Afghanistan about a year ago. In one piece, thank God. We run 2 miles, rest 3 minutes, then run 2 miles. I had a very good time - not my best, but just about 1 minute off my best. Since this was my first full week back at the box after being sick for two weeks - I worked out three times in the last two weeks - and Thursday's WOD was a killer, I was pretty happy with the time! Actually, I was happy just to finish the four miles. :)


Afterward, I...had a planned slip. I confess, I decided to have a treat day. Including some regular ice cream - I can't tell you the last time I had regular ice cream, I usually only have So Delicious coconut milk ice cream or something homemade.


It. Was. Not. Worth. It. 


I woke up the next morning with a dreadful headache and an unhappy tummy.


Good to know.


So today, I've been clean and feeling good about it.


Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, tomato, and a clementine

Was cooking all day so mostly nibbled (something else I need to work on) - raisins, hazelnuts and cashews, and olives


Kitchen WOD: breakfast hash (ground chicken with eggplant, daikon - something new for me, zucchini and kale), sweet potato hash browns, some sauteed kale and red cabbage, cucumber and tomato salads, carrots, and olives. 


Dinner: Bacon and eggs :) (my weekend treats), sweet potato hash browns, organic tomato, and frozen banana with coconut milk and cocoa powder


Again, I'm very humbled by this process. I hope and pray that I can keep on the steady track this week...


Psalm 119:11: "I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you."

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