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Little g's W31-60 Attempt


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Ok, so here goes Day 1 again.  I finished my W30 on Monday.  Ate my body weight in dried fruit and nuts yesterday instead of dinner.  And today I start again.  


Lessons learned in the last 36 hours:


- binge eating is not cured - but better.  

- I can NOT eat nuts.  Someone suggested this to me on day 20-something just over a week ago as the cause of my GI issues.  I didn't think it could be nuts because I ate so few (probably less than an ouce most days).  However, when I stopped adding the sprinkle of almonds to salads... the diarrhea went away over night.  After yesterday... to say its back would be an understatement.  So, for these 30 days no nuts.  Except coconut, which seems to be fine.  

- That amazingly enough after 30 days even when in binge mode I really didn't want non W30 food.  And Easter season is a tempting time of year for goodies :)

- I'm going to try adding a little more fat in... and starch (in the AM)


Food for today (even though I'm stuffed from yesterday afternoon's fruit and nut-o-palooza


M1: 5 oz turkey sausage, creamed spinach (has 1/4 c coconut milk), half sweet potato <-- extra starch got busy, no appetite, all of a sudden it was noon

M2: handful of Thai meatballs, pint of Mel's zucchini ginger soup, ~1/2 c coconut milk, half sweet potato <-- extra fat and starch


4 PM WOD, 2 slices roast beef, half sweet potato

M3: fatty, yummy, amazing pork carnitas, mango salsa, pan roasted broccoli, a bunch of carrots and cherry tomatoes on the side

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Good luck with your 2nd W30!  I think it's a good idea. 


I eat about 1/2 a sweet potato (depends on the size.  Last week, I had a HUGE one that I cut into 4 servings) every morning.  It really helps get me through the morning.


Keep up the good work!

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8AM - M1 - 3 sardine cakes, spoonful of homemade mayo.  I eat this at my 3 hour member worker shift at the local food co-op so I needed something quick since I don't like taking a break during a 3 hr shift.  This worked ok - maybe next time I can throw in a handful of snap peas for some veggies


12:30 - M2 - (yesterday's M1) - 2 turkey sausages, creamed spinach, grapefruit.  I put a spoonful of lard cracklings (left over burnt fat chunks from rendering lard) on my creamed spinach.  Kombucha to drink.  Remembered to take and HCl.  Feeling suddenly bloated as I type this at 3...


Hopefully synthesizing some Vit D for the first time here in UPSNY in months by sitting out on the porch with the doggies :)


Heading out to the 4 PM WOD - 2 slices RB and some sweet potato is packed for post WOD.


For some reason lunch was sitting mid esophagus for that workout.  Blch.  


M3 around 6:30 was - many carrots and snap peas while cooking, 1/3 lb burger on the grill (delicious...), 1/2 avocado worth of guacamole, sauteed zucchini, leftover fennel and onions and a salad with a few strawberries and a red pepper.  I think that was 2 lb of veggies easy :)  I had an apple too.  I have decided that until my dessert habit becomes problematic (i.e. 100 grams of white chocolate a night) I'm not going to live thinking that it is BAD to have an apple after dinner.  An apple.  Not a bag of dried apples or a 32 oz container of raisins.  Even if I have 10 strawberries on my salad I'm going to enjoy my friggin apple on the nights I'm in the mood for one.   The more I get responses to the other thread I started about minimal weight loss the more I think it is important for me to focus on making good healthy choices and just trying to let go a little (let go of the weight obsession, let go of the fear of an apple... things like that) and just try to really enjoy feeling good about my food choices and how eating this way makes me feel.  Ok, I think I'm done.  Guess I got pretty worked up over that apple. 

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Day 3


45 minute dog walk with a mug of coffee.  I wore shorts!  

9 AM - M1 - 3  sardine cakes, 2 handfuls snap peas, frozen blueberries and a few sliced strawberries with 1/3 c coc milk

12:30 - M2 - 1/3 Thai meatball recipe, left over creamed spinach with some lard cracklings, bowl of sliced peppers (1 red pepper) and sliced carrots (4-5 carrots) 


4 PM WOD - 2 slices RB, 1/2 small sweet potato


6 PM - M3 - split with hubs:  shredded sweet potato, onions, 7 eggs, 4 oz turkey sausage, diced red pepper frittata (came out really good); 1/2 avocado turned into guac, pan fried broccoli and salad with chopped veggies and 2 clementines with a little vinaigrette.  Yum yum yum.  


Very curious to see if the eggs I've cut for the last 2 weeks or so can make a comeback now that the nuts are gone.  I hope so - eggs are easy!

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Yeah - no egg side effects.  


Work today.  Coffee at 6 - just half a cup maybe.  Never finished my mug at home and never got around to a cup at work.  That may be a record :)


9 AM - 1/3 left over beef stew, snap peas, spoonful of avocado mayo

1 PM - 3 sardine cakes, 1/3 ginger zucchini soup, frozen blueberries a few strawberries with 1/3 c coconut milk + kombucha

5 PM - kombucha (oops, probably didn't really need 2 today)

7 PM - dinner way too late.  Probably ate a lb of carrots and a lot of tomatoes while waiting for dinner.   New pork chop recipe which I didn't care for.  Hubs ate that and I finished the Thai meatballs with 1/4 c coconut milk, pan fried broccoli, pan fried onion and fennel and a salad with 2 clementines and some vinaigrette.  I think I topped last night for poundage of vegetables consumed...  

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Day 6


10:00 HB Egg

2.5 mile run, CF WOD - 20 HSPU, 15 KB, 30 Pull ups, 15 KB, 40 TTB, 15 KB, 50 cal row, 15 KB, 100 DU - 22:11.  That was hard.  Glad I didn't scale even thought it took me almost 4 minutes to do those 20 HSPU.

2 slices RB, 1/2 SP


Errands on the way home


1:30 - 2 eggs, 3 oz turkey breakfast sausage, 1/2 cantaloupe, sauteed zucchini and 1/2 avocado


Worked in the yard until 4

More errands...

6:30 - left over burger with mustard, pan fried okra, pan fried broccoli, salad with 2 clementines and a red pepper with some vinaigrette.  Another bowl of cantaloupe and strawberries with 1/4 c coconut milk


Feeling kinda munchy tonight but I got a lot of activity today and accidentally skipped breakfast.

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Worked from 6:30-8:30 - just black coffee


8:45 - tin of sardines, kobucha squash with coconut milk (1/4 c)

12:30 - fritatta (yeah eggs!) [made 4 servings for the week - 1 lb turkey sausage, 8 eggs, half bag of frozen spinach, 1 medium sweet potato, 1 red pepper] with snap peas and a grapefruit

6 - not really hungry but managed to eat just fine... grassfed burger with mustard, pan roasted broccoli, big spoonful of guac, salad with 2 clementines, red pepper and a carrot.  Munched on carrots and snap peas while cooking.  Having some magnesium right now.  

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Day 8 - Really?  Doesn't seem like it.


Left the house at 6:15 today - some coffee to get things moving.  The good news: I think the GI problems really were nuts... symptoms are markedly reduced.  The bad new: it was nuts :(   At least now I can make a choice: gas, bloating, diarrhea AND nuts or no nuts but happy bowels.  


8 AM - HUNGRY.  Bowl of kobucha squash with 1/4 c coconut milk, 2 HB eggs

12:30 - hungry.  1/4 weekly BF frittata, snap peas, grapefruit

3:15 - kinda hungry,  but maybe bored.  Heading to crossfit so no snacking :)  SP and RB are packed for post WOD.

And left on the counter :)  I ate 2 slices RB when I got home.


6:15 - munched on some carrots and tomatoes while cooking.  Flank steak, big scoop guac over cauliflower rice with sauteed zucchini.  Had my usual salad too: greens, carrot, 2 clementines and some vinaigrette


1/4 c coconut milk and some strawberries after.  Munchy or hungry, not sure, but I also ate 1/4 c coconut butter... oops.  Well - I'll consider it done for science - to see if I can tolerate pure coconut vs just coconut milk :) 


Tomorrow I think I need some more protein for M1 - I never really felt not-hungry all day today.

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Day 9 came and went with the forum down.  All compliant.  Bit of the munchies last night with 2 handfuls of raisins, 2 clementines, bowl of honeydew and a small bowl of compliant banana chips (unsweetened - just CO and banana).  


That 1/4 c of coconut butter did not go over well yesterday morning... Going to stick with moderate amounts of coconut milk since that seems fine.  I'll see if next time a "normal" portion of coconut butter doesn't do me in.  Grumble.  I miss nuts.  


Day 10


At the hospital until 10 AM - thought I'd be home earlier so I planned on eating when I came home - should have brought something with me.  


10:45 - 3 HB eggs cut in half and fried in a little lard (so good!), about 1/2 honeydew

1 PM - brought lunch but didn't want to eat because I wasn't hungry and had xfit planned for 4 PM.  Ended up eating bowl of kobucha squash with 1/4 c coconut milk and skipping the meatballs and snap peas (this was done because I thought those items had the greatest chance of digesting well in just a few hours)

4 PM WOD - 2 slices RB and some sweet potato

6 PM - starving (surprise, surprise...) - ate almost a full lb of carrots while cooking.  Dinner was salad with 2 clementines and tomatoes, pan roasted broccoli and 1/3 of the beef stew recipe and some snap peas on the side.  Had a few HUGE (so not natural...) strawberries with 1/4 c coconut milk after.  Drinking some magnesium now.


These last few days I have really been craving fruit.  I'm not sure if its the warmer weather - meat just isn't too appealing to me right now.  

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Day 11 (written on day 12)


Happy bowels this morning :)


M1 - 1/4 of last week's BF frittata.  Haricot verts with 1/4 c coconut milk at 7:30.  


12 PM Crossfit - 2 slices RB and SP after.  Great WOD.  3 RFT - 20 TTB, 20 Power Snatch (55lb), 20 Pull ups, 20 Wall Balls @14.  I was thinking of scaling the reps for the TTB and PU but did them all :)  The strength part was squat snatches and I managed a 70lb snatch from the high hang which is an improvement for me.  Definitely seeing some improvement at xfit lately.  


3 PM - M2 - 1/3 tomato soup recipe (this soup is growing on me, I didn't love it at first but I really like it now!), 1/3 Thai meatball recipe, salad with clementines and veggies.  Think I had some kombucha too... I forget.  Either way I didn't feel great after this meal.  Bloated and gassy.  And my pants were tight again.  Ugh.


7 PM - we made venison steaks on the grill and I just wasn't in the mood for meat.  I had a few bits of mine and instead had 2 zoodled zucchinis topped with onions, garlic and cherry tomatoes with basil and some pan roasted broccoli.  Salad with 2 clementines and red pepper and some carrots.  Had some strawberries and a grapefruit after.  


Yesterday I was definitely in the mood for non W30 food.  I wanted cheese for dinner.  The candy at the mall looked good.  Definitely in a "f-it" kinda mood lately.  Maybe its PMS.  My husband has lost 15 lbs in 30 days.  I'm thrilled that he has been so successful but its even more of a reminder that my body just does not want to let go of any fat.  And women-come-in-all-shapes rhetoric aside I want to lose some fat.  


Trying really hard to stay focused on the rational reasons to do W30 - better fuel for my body, generally less cravings and satiety but I'm really f'in frustrated.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Day 12.


Still pissy.  And feel like I have a rock in my gut.  Too many cups of coffee in and nothing out.  I think I need some sunshine.  


Got some sunshine.  Feel slightly better :)


10ish - 5 mile trail run with the dog then some errands.


M1 at 12:30 - Probably a dry pint of cherry tomatoes (they are so tasty!), 2 drumsticks with no skin, 2 HB eggs sliced and fried in lard, haricot verts with 1/4 c coconut milk, 1/3 tomato soup and some more coffee.  Surprisingly good for a weird combination of food.  


Never came back to finish this entry.  No idea at this point :)

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Day 13


Easter Sunday

Unhappy GI this morning - maybe the magnesium I took to help get things moving


8 AM - 2 drumsticks with no skin, 2 HB eggs cut in half and fried in a little lard, haricot verts with 1/4 c coconut milk


3 mile walk - nearly didn't make it, part 2 of unhappy bowels


Headed out to family dinner around 2.  Not sure what to do about lunch - I knew there would be some compliant food there so I thought I'd skip lunch and eat there (early dinner 3 ish) to avoid the "why aren't you eating?"  "its Easter - eat real food" comments.  I made the salad so I knew that would be good and my totally wonderful MIL made some compliant fruit salad and a spinach with grapefruit and strawberry salad for me.  


Once we arrived someone brought an asparagus wrapped in prosciutto with balsamic glaze.  I asked a little about the ingredients "oh, its delicious... what is in this?" and it seemed safe.  I had 3-4 of those.  Then another relative made brussel sprouts roasted in olive oil.  She told me she would be adding butter at the end so I took a serving before she did that.  Ate the compliant salads and my brussel sprouts for dinner.  The sprouts were amazing... so I had a few from the pan that the butter had been added to.  


We got home around 6 and I made myself some more brussel sprouts (this time in lard) and some kobucha squash with coconut milk.  Then I had a chunk of coconut butter.  


I felt awful last night.  So full and uncomfortable.  I don't know if it was the excessive amount of "light" olive oil used to cook the sprouts, the slight amount of butter - probably <tsp worth - or the poundage of roughage I ate... Not surprisingly things were bad this morning too.   


Oh, and I had 2 kombuchas yesterday too.  

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

6 AM - many trips to the loo


M1 - noon - first I felt like eating - ~1 c cantaloupe and a few strawberries, small bowl of kobocha squash with 1/3 c coconut milk, 3 HB eggs fried in lard and a bowl of snap peas.


I haven't slept well in three nights.  I nearly nodded off holding a cup of coffee in my hand on the porch this afternoon.  It was 70 and sunny here and I had quite the mental debate about napping or just trying to get moving and hope I felt better.  Had the hammock not gotten moldy in the shed over the winter I know napping would have won.  But since I would have had to nap inside I got the dogs and went for a 45 minute walk instead.  


Still dragging but able to keep my eyes open... so I went to the 4 WOD as I planned.  2 slices of RB after it.


M2 at 6:30 - 1 can of tuna made into 2 tuna cakes (added 1/2 egg and a scoop of mashed sweet potato), mango salsa with cucumber, 1 red pepper and tomato and a 1/2 avocado and some roasted broccoli.  Finished up the leftovers of the salad I brought to Easter (my usual - clementines, peppers, snap peas).  Dessert was another bowl of mango and 1/4 c coconut milk.  


I've been feeling better with dessert lately.  I definitely want some after dinner but I'm totally ok with a grapefruit or some cantaloupe or something (most nights).  I've really come to enjoy being hungry in the morning and keeping that in mind helps at night.  

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Day 17.  Oops.  Kinda off the log-everyday thing.


Day 16 Recap - Wed


8 AM - 1/6 BF frittata with haricot verts and 1/2 (?) c coconut milk

12 PM - 1/3 beef stew, snap peas, grapefruit

4:30 PM - starving, munchies.  1 grapefruit, bowl of cantaloupe, handful of raisins, few strawberries and a sandwich bag of snap peas.

6 PM - 3 BH eggs.  Meant to have 1 bowl of frozen mango with 1/4 c coconut milk.  Turned into 2 plus too many almonds, almond butter, coconut butter and some pecans for good measure.  Sigh.  


Day 17 - Thurs


Nothing so far yet.  Not hungry.  Feeling kinda bad about yesterday.


5 mile trail run

1:30 job interview - went well!


Ended up not eating until dinner.  IF can be good too... right?  


Dinner was:

bowl of cantaloupe while I sliced it up and then carrots while we cooked (I was hungry by 5:30... surprise surprise)

- sauteed zucchini and cherry tomatoes with s,p, garlic powder - its amazing how good the little bit of garlic powder makes this!

- pan fried onions and 1/2 avocado of guac over a 5 oz burger with 1/3 of the tomato/basil soup

- another bowl of cantaloupe and a small bowl of raspberries with 1/3 c coconut milk for dessert


In other news... period was MUCH better this month.  Again.  This is great.  Except it means I need to figure out what makes it better.  Is it no dairy?  Is it everything together?  No idea.  But not being a slave to a heating pad and pain meds every 28d is something I'd love.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Day 18 - Friday.  Just keeping tabs since its gotten so easy I'm not really counting anymore :)


M1 - haricot verts with 1/6 frittata.  Bowl of strawberries with 1/3 - 1/2 c coconut milk


Noon WOD.  Awesome.  My favorite barbell complex.  A variety of squat cleans - 12 squat cleans with a push press, push jerk or split jerk after every 3 cleans.  Got upto 95 lbs and failed on the split jerk.  Would have been a 5 lb PR had I pushed out that split jerk another inch.  Next time I'll go for 100.  


2 slices RB and some SP - then off to the chiro for a much needed adjustment.  He works miracles.


M2 - 3 PM - 3 HB eggs, 1 small drumstick with no skin, big bowl of snap peas, small bowl of kobucha squash with a little bit of homemade ghee


M3 - flank steak over cauli rice, with mango salsa (1 red pepper, cucumber, 1/2 avocado), munched on carrots while cooking, 2ish cups of cantaloupe 

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Day 19 - Saturday


Off to work in a few




M1 - haricot verts with 1/3 c coconut milk, 1/6 frittata, grapefruit

M2 - leftover burger, sauteed broccoli, small bowl of kobucha squash with spoonful of ghee (I swear it tastes like caramel), 3 clementines


kombucha on my way home from work.


I wore my new fitbit today for the first time.  I walked 10,000 steps at work.  Kinda cool.  




Chipotle planned for dinner :)  Salad with double carnitas, about 1/2 the side cup of guacamole and the tomato salsa.  Munchy for dessert again.  TIme to get this under control again for real.  I did not need a cup of raisins last night... 


Dessert was small frozen banana, sliced mango and 1/3 c coconut milk.  But 1/4 of my 16 oz jar of raisins is missing this AM... 


On the one hand eliminating fruit makes me binge on it but I've definitely been over doing it lately.  I wasn't beating myself up about it because by "overdoing it" I was eating a half a cantaloupe or a pint of strawberries now that they are coming back into season.  Or having my small bowl of frozen mango.  It was controlled amounts of sugar and I felt that if I was satiated after my slightly-larger-than-a-serving size of fruit that was ok - because for me this is about lifelong habits, not 30 day habits, and I'm not giving up enjoying fruit for life.  And if my "bad" habit is a little too much fruit, whatever, better than my 100 gram Ghiradelli bars each day :)  But this has been 2 episodes of less than controlled eating this week (and I don't want to blame it on my period) so I need to start getting back closer to the template again.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Day 20 - Sunday


AM - black coffee, little too much...


10 AM - 5 mile train run with the doggie.  Going to start trying to get to the track once a week and see if my times improve at all.  Got home and did a 15 minute core routine (planks, push ups, sit ups, pistols) and 10 pull ups.  My knees sounded like Rice Krispies during the pistols... not sure what that was about.  


2 slices RB


M1 11:30 or so - 1/4 of the frittata to finish it off (making a smaller one this week!), haricot verts with 1/3 c coconut milk, grapefruit


It is 3:15 now and I just drank a kombucha, think I'm going to skip lunch and eat a good dinner a little on the early side since I'm not hungry yet.  Not sure yet what that will be though... some combination of the food we have to use up.


M2 - 6ish - left over flank steak, oven roasted Chinese eggplant (first time eating - that was DELICIOUS), pan fried broccoli and my usual salad with 2 clems, 4 strawberries, handful of snap peas and cherry tomatoes.  Ate most of a bag of carrots while cooking.  Made my bowl of mango with coconut milk during dinner and had it ready to go so no after dinner grazing.

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Does it make a difference if you have the fruit IN your dinner? LIke adding the mango to a chicken salad. Or do you actually want the feeling of a treat post-dinner? (I don't have an answer to your query, just asking to get you thinking :) )

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

No, I want post dinner.  I grew up eating dessert and just like it.  Once my binge eating developed is when it became problematic.  The W30 has helped tremendously in making a grapefruit be a desirable "dessert" though :)

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Day 23 - Wednesday


Nothing crazy the last few days.  Made a delicious "Chinese take out" meal last night.  Browned cubed chicken thighs (skinless) in a pan and then added to it the following sauce which had cooked down to thicken:


1 c OJ

zest of 2 clementines

tbsp coconut aminos

tbsp fish sauce

tsp or so sesame oil

some dried garlic (the chunks, not powder)

sprinkled some scallions on top


Served with cauli fried rice - cauli rice, coconut aminos, dried shallots, some diced carrots and snap peas and a can of water chestnuts and an egg stirred in.  Pan fried broccoli too.  


Was hungry after it though - had a grapefruit and then a small bowl of diced mango with coconut milk.


I've done the cauli fried rice before but this is my first "take out-esque" meal that I've tried and am so glad we did!


Packed for today:


2 HB eggs sliced in half and fried in lard, 1 drumstick - no skin, small sweet potato with a bit of ghee

1/4 smaller BF casserole, haricot verts, coconut milk, grapefruit

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Day 25 - Friday


Random stuff in my brain...


The posting each day on here sure has worn off... I definitely feel like I'm in more of a maintenance mode now.  I'm sticking to the template for all three meals but I am still allowing myself 1 dessert a night (frozen mango with coconut milk).  I still can't believe its been 55 days since I've had chocolate and I'm ok with that.  But I'm not complaining :)  I am complaining about wine though.  I want some.  And will have some in 5 days!  


Hubs is now about 2-3 weeks out from the end of his W30.  He has had beer a few nights and has eaten a bagel or too but each of our meals at home has been W30 vs his past "paleo +" (meaning we made paleo food and he had pasta/bread/beer with it :) ).  He has stuck with breakfast and lunch during the week as well.  I think if he keeps this up through his adventure race season this summer he'll be the thinnest since I've met him!  Its also nice to see how well he has been doing performance wise.  He did a long run the other day at 8 min/mile pace.  When he looked back at his log he was running 8:30 or so at the END of his season last year.  He has been doing well at xfit too.  Really happy for him :)




Coffee, 2.5 mile dog walk.  I love having dogs to walk with.  I don't know why it makes walking so much more enjoyable.  I would rarely go if I didn't have to walk them.  


M1 - 2 HB eggs fried in lard, 1 drumstick with no skin, 1 sliced red pepper, 1 small sweet potato with a pat of the most delicious ghee ever :)  


Plan is to go to the noon xfit then if it isn't raining head out to my in-law's farm with the dogs later and do some horseback riding :)


Nomnompaleo's Korean ribs (we used brisket though) is in the slow cooker and smells amazing!   

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

That brisket was amazing... 


Day 27 - Sunday


yesterday recap...


Around 10 - 2 HB eggs 1/2 kombucha (my home brew - yeah!)

12 until 1:30 - almost 6 mile trail run with some good elevation change and then a 3/4 mile 50 lb sand bag carry at the farm


2 PM - 2 drumsticks, no skin, haricot verts with 1/3 c coconut, half bag snap peas, 1/2 lb carrots, bowl of cantaloupe


4 PM - still hungry (duh), 2 HB eggs fried in lard, small SP with ghee, apple, kombucha


6 PM - left over brisket with gravy on salad with 2 clementines, red pepper, roasted broccoli, big bowl of cantaloupe, mango and coconut milk for dessert


Felt totally ick yesterday after the run.  Gotta figure out better fueling options as workout intensity increases as I dabble with training for spartan beast.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Day 27 - Sunday recap


No appetite in the AM at all.  

m1 - noon, 2 HB eggs fried in lard, 1 drumstick no skin, haricot verts with coconut milk

m2 - 3pm, starving - 1/3 tomato basil soup recipe, 4 slices applegate roastbeef with some mustard, maybe an apple, I forget

4:30 or so - major binge urge.  Had some raisins and some nuts (for which I've been paying for the last 2 days).  Not a crazy binge.  Probably a big snack for a normal person.  Went to go buy myself a kombucha as a "compromise".  Went to the mall to avoid being home with food.  Thought I was ok so went to TJ since I was there and needed a few things.  Bought a bag of freeze dried banana and apple since I was totally craving crunch.  Ate those.  Totally planned on continuing the binge when I got home but got a text from hubs that he ran the trail run we did the day before together 19 minutes faster than we did it.  Which made me so sad and frustrated I lost my appetite.  


Hubs has now lost almost 20 lbs in 2 months.  Because of the weight loss he is running faster and body weight movements (like ring dips and pull ups) are easier for him.  I've been even stricter with food (since his W30 he is back to beer and bagels and Sunday dinners...) and as I've complained about before I've had no physical changes... I'm so happy that he gets to see these improvements and I don't resent him for his success but I'm so jealous and frustrated that I don't get to have my own success.  Sometimes I think he feels like I'm "mad" at him for having a good day.  I'm totally not.  I'm mad that he gets to have an "old" him and a "new" him.  And I don't.  


Anyway, binge averted on Sunday which was awesome because I didn't have to wake up and feel shitty on Monday about binge eating.  <-- READ THIS NEXT TIME!!! (that note is for me :) ).


Day 28 Monday


Felt so good to wake up and enjoy my coffee and not be in a bad mental place because of binge eating the day before.  Funny how hub's success which makes me feel so frustrated by my own lack of success turned out to save me from myself on Sunday.


7 AM - 3 mile time trial run as baseline for some focused run training I want to do.  8:09 pace.  I'm thrilled with that considering my usual runs are "jogs" with the dog and I've done zero "real" run training in years.  My 5k PR is 23:30 and I'd like to break that this summer.  I haven't done any focused run training since starting xfit and I'm optimistic that with the last 3 years of xfit I can beat that time.  


9 AM M1 - 2 HB eggs fried in lard, roasted fennel, onion and orange - felt bloated and epigastric pain after this.  Maybe the nuts from Sunday though.


Noon M2 - haricot verts with coconut milk and 1/4 weekly frittata recipe, grapefruit


6 PM M3 - starving by dinner time, ate 1 lb of carrots while cooking, dinner was 5oz burger, roasted broccoli, some sauteed onions and 1/2 avocado of guacamole.  Had my usual salad with 2 clementines and 1/2 red pepper with some vinaigrette too.  Still hungry after dinner.  Had a grapefruit and then bowl of mango with coconut milk.

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