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its been a while


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So I've been wanting to eat whole 30 (again), but the time of year, family, and other things are making it difficult. I did a whole 30 back in july/august and loved all the benefits that I received from eating in this way. I've decided that I want to keep myself accountable, and will keep a log here. I'm not putting this in my whole30 log because I don't see myself being 100% to the template/rules every day. Becoming healthier is about the journey not the destination, and the goals I have currently may change after a while. So here's my log for today: 


First thing after waking/putting on coffee: green smoothie - spinach, 3 frozen strawberries and 5 mango chunks, water to thin out (I tend to use this as a preworkout since protein/fat sits too heavy in my stomach even in small amounts, and I need to have something other than water because I hate how it "splashes" in the morning empty stomach) 


M1: cabbage "goulash" (american chop suey?) - we dice up a cabbage, onion, garlic and ground beef, and throw a tomato sauce on top. I love this meal. 


M2: 3 cups of salad (romaine lettuce, yellow bell pepper, and carrots), leftover steak, lemon Chesapeake Tessemaes dressing, and a handful of almonds.


"snack" - coffee cacao rxbar (this I haven't eaten yet, probably will eat around 5-6)


One of my goals is to stay well hydrated - I've been throwing half a lemon into my water and sprinkling a small amount of himalayan pink salt into my water in the morning since I'm pretty good at forgetting to salt things. Been filling my 32oz water bottle 3-4 times a day. 

Another goal is to get my sleep schedule under control, with that, I've been waking early to get a 30-60 min workout in first thing in the morning. 


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Well, I guess I can say that I'll log everything every day, but life gets the better of you and you forget. I had a few days of really non compliance but that's ok. Starting good again.. 


M1: Small Sweet potato (microwaved), Half an onion and 1/4 yellow bell pepper sauteed in coconut oil, 2 fried eggs on top. 


M2: Salad with romaine, spinach and carrot with a can of tuna on top. Newman's own Olive oil and Vinegar dressing. Banana and handful of almonds. 

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I guess I'm trying to eat whole 30, or at least to the template. 


Meal 1: green smoothie when I woke up. I find it refreshing. About 2 hours later, I had my real meal 1. Which was a leftover pork, half a steamed sweet potato, and some bubbie's sauerkraut. 


Meal 2: 2 HB eggs made into a egg salad (my mayo wasn't compliant, but I think it was better than Hellman's here's the link to their website http://www.qbfoods.com/lemonaise.html#lemonaise), with romaine lettuce for "wraps" and tomato, and a cucumber. Also had an apple and an open handful of coconut flakes. 


I've drank a cup of coffee post meal 1, and sipped on a 32 oz bottle of lemon water between meals and after meal 2. Soon I'll have to refill. 

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