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I eat to live, I don't live to eat. Food is not my friend.

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Please help.  I have been working with the "It Starts with Food" concept since last November.  At that time, I was on medical leave from work to regain some semblance of health.....I have severe arthritis and lupus and several other random diagnoses like fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue.  Anyway- I eliminated grains from my diet and if I did eat grains it was a gluten free product.  I gave up junk food and diet coke.  The only two things I did NOT give up were sugar and dairy (milk in my coffee, occasional ice cream and tootsie pops). I ate vegetables, fruit, meat....and tootsie pops for the most part.


Well.  My health has improved in fits and starts, but most days I still would rather not be on the planet because I feel so rotten. My blood pressure is very low, and that makes navigating the day quite difficult.   And so my naturopath said she'd really like me to do a committed Whole 30.  Yesterday was day 1.  I made it, and didn't die.  BUT.  I'm 111 lbs, 5'4".  And I do NOT want to lose anymore weight.  People already say I look like a skeleton.


So what's the problem?


Vegetables.  I do not like them.  If I put enough salt and butter on them they're tolerable. 


Meat.  I don't care for meat unless it's a grilled steak. 


Honestly- I don't care for food much.  I eat to live, I don't live to eat.  This isn't a matter of willpower....I try very hard to eat these things....but it's like my throat closes up and refuses to swallow broccoli.


So how do I do this????


Please help.



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How do you usually try to eat vegetables? Do you usually try one way of cooking them, or eat a few vegetables often, or have you tried a lot of ways and still no luck? I hated vegetables till I was 23, so I feel your pain. For me the key was finding one way that I liked them (which was not the way my mom had cooked them... sorry Mom) and eventually that grew into liking and loving a lot of them, a lot of different ways. But that's based on where I started from.


If you haven't already, maybe browsing through some web sites or Paleo cookbooks would give you some ideas on other ways to cook things? www.theclothesmakethegirl.com and nomnompaleo.com are big favorites. The first in particular has a lot of vegetable soup recipes - that might be easier to get down than roasted chunks. (Her zucchini soup is awesome!)

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Forget the butter. Take some sweet potatoes, wrap them up in aluminum foil, put a dollop of coconut oil and salt (sea salt, not table salt). bake in a 450 oven for 45 minutes. Then put some cinnamon on them. I promise you'll love them. I do the same with beets (no cinnamon).


Steak is fine, If you like steak, try lamb chops, they are also very good.


I don't eat broccoli or onions because they cause me intestinal problems, so it's fine to do a W30 without them. Start out slow and try some new veggies and you may like some of them.


Also, if your BP is low, have your thyroid checked.

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If it's a texture/swallowing issue rather than a taste issue, I think it might be worth your time to look in to some sort of therapy.  Those issues can be very difficult to "will" yourself through.

If it's a matter of just plain dislike? Then it might be time to put on the big girl pants. Do some experimentation - try every veggie every way you can.


There's a good chance that your body is severely undernourished - I would really encourage you to do whatever you can to feed it good, whole foods (Whole30 or not).

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