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Holly's day 1

Holly CD

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Hello everybody,

I know we are not supposed to say this is hard, but i have an addiction to sugar and I am going to need some support through this. 


I love veggies, but I am not a big meat eater. (I generally eat a lot of beans)


I am hoping this will help the pain I have every month from endometriosis. 

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Hi Holly!  You're in good company.   I am exactly like you.  Huge sweet tooth, not a big fan of meat, but love veggies and beans. 


I'm on day #25, if I can do it, so can you!  My hardest days were #8 and #9.  I was so close to giving up, I could have cried.  Reading everyone's stories here helped a lot.


Don't be afraid to get creative with your meals and if you like seafood, load it up!  By week #2 I was so tired of meat, so I made it a point to add salmon and shrimp to the mix and it helped a lot.

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