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Perhaps I am the oldest person on this forum!  (70) 

I have come across references to Whole30 here and there, and my son is into Crossfit and for a while was eating paleo, so I am familiar with many of the ideas.  Anyway, on Sunday, I just decided, "let's do it!"

I don't know if I will journal all of my food, but I would like to keep a record here of how I have felt.

Previously to starting I had been getting discouraged because I just had not been feeling very well for the last few months.    Nothing serious, but I was tired, had some aches and pains, and couldn't seem to get motivated to clean up my eating habits.  I had started baking again and making bread, always a bad idea for me!


So, starting a journal, 5 days in: I've kept to the food rules. Best new food:  asparagus and mushroom fritatta (6 eggs) It provided 2 filling meals with a few scraps for my husband!


Day 1 - felt weak and exhausted.  Somewhat revived by eating an orange. 


Day 2 - Felt much better.  Went swimming, although I did not particularly want to.  I enjoyed it.


Day 3 - 2 dog walks.  No particular food cravings.  Feel like I am doing something good for myself - good feeling!

Day 4 - My back, which has been troubling me for about a month (painful to lean over, put on socks etc) was almost completely better.  I expect this is coincidental to the Whole30 program, but hey, I'll take it. 

Day 5 (today) Still no back issues. Hurrah!  Did not feel particularly hungry when I got up this am. 

I expect a lot of this is psychological, but I do feel upbeat and optimistic about taking control over this part of my life. 



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