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I am one week in. Am I doing it right?

Steve R

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I wanted to get some opinions on my diet plan over the past week.  Here is my typical day.  I run / walk each day minimum 10,000 steps (Thanks Fitbit).


Breakfast - 2 boiled organic eggs and an apple or banana / Steak and eggs

Lunch - Grilled fish (in coconut oil) and an organic plain salad with tomatoes

Dinner - Grilled Organic Steak or Chicken, sweet potato and salad


I have also done mashed cauliflour, steamed broccoli, and chicken ginger soup with spinach.


I have not found this very difficult.  I am trying to get more fruit into the diet and have added Kiwi and berries with dinner too.


Waiting on the Whole 30 cookbook to get a bit more adventurous. 


Hardest part has been not snacking and drinking however I have not cheated at all.


Thanks for your help!

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The good news is, everything you've been eating is compliant. And, there are a couple things you can do to make things better.


Do you have a copy of the recommended meal template?  For best results, build all your meals to follow this template.


Before fruit, you want to get vegetables in at every meal.  Aim for 1-3 cups for best results. Also, be sure each meal has a healthy fat: I don't see any in your boiled eggs/apple/banana breakfast.

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I found it really helpful to tape the template to the fridge. The template is king. It's really the key to success. And I think you don't need to eat a plain salad--there are lots of healthy fats you can use. An avocado is easy and delicious.


Wondering also if you are concerned you can only add one thumbful of fat? Could be wrong but I think the thumb doesn't include cooking fat. Personally i find that the more fat the better, especially in the early days when you are transitioning to fat burning. Eating enough fat will help with the snacking. And if you do feel really hungry eat a mini template meal.

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