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Hi all! I'm hoping I can get some advice from more of you experiences W30'ers out there.


The last few days, my appetite has been really diminished. At first I chocked this up to being more in tune with my body and when it actually needs fuel. However, it seems to be getting worse and worse every single day. Here's a quick summary of my W30 so far (started April 1):


Days 1-3: Normal headachey hangover, but no real cravings for bad foods, enjoyed eating healthful foods.


Days 4-7: Fighting off a cold/sore throat. Made eating uncomfortable, buy my appetite was pretty much still in tact. Definitely noticed a shift in energy levels (despite being sick) consistent with switching over to a fat-burner.


Days 8-9: Much smaller appetite. Longer time in between meals before I get hunger, being satisfied with less food at each sitting. Found it difficult to eat 3 solid meals a day. Instead had like two small meals and a tiny meal/balanced snack.


Day 10 (Today): Woke up and made my normal cup of coffee. Typically I put in some coconut milk or raw eggs (healthy fats, good emulsifiers, great alternatives to cream) and then prepare breakfast while sipping my coffee. This morning I couldn't stand the thought of having anything other than black coffee, and I'm totally turned off by the idea of any food. It's not that I'm craving junk, in fact an omelette sounds much more appealing than a waffle or some gross processed pseudo-food. But even though that sounds better, I still don't want it. I don't feel hungry at all and I'm conflicted about forcing myself to eat when I feel so averse to it. 


If I had to, I think the only thing I could stomach right now is a cup of bone broth. I homemade a bunch on day 4 when I first got sick. But is it worth having that "snack" at all when it's not part of a completely balanced meal?


Has anyone else experienced this type of extreme loss of appetite? Is it a good sign (I'm becoming fat adapted) or a bad sign? Should I force feed myself or just wait for hunger to ensue naturally?



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I went through this as well but on days much sooner (4-8)...and this is my 6th Whole30 lol. While you may not FEEL hungry, it is normal. Your body is adjusting to an eating schedule, and you should stick to it.


I really hate eating when I'm not hungry but at the same time I need to.. your body needs the nourishment. I would say make a meal to the template, and if you don't eat it all fine, but do eat the protein. Also, no coffee before food. They say that in ISWF that no caffeine before eating as it decreases your appetite and acts a filler so you think you have food, when you don't.... so no more coffee until AFTER you eat. It sounds terrible but this will help you to have a more successful Whole30 :) Be sure to eat your proteins first and then your veggies and healthy fats. I love to do scrambles and mix it all together. Take your time when you eat-- ENJOY THE FOOD!! :) Try to eliminated distractions so you can just focus on eating the food and savoring every bite that goes into your mouth :) 


Your appetite will return but your body is undergoing a lot of changes, just be patient! :) You're doing great!!

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