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Keep on keepin' on

Emiley Carey

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I finished my Whole30 a month ago, and it's been an interesting ride. 


What I know for sure is that I like rules and I do well with accountability, so I'm going to get back into using a food log. I'm not 100% paleo or Whole30, and I don't think that's my aim right now. I'm living the Whole9 life equipped with the knowledge I gained during and after the 30, and I can say with certainty there are foods I won't intentionally consume at all anymore. 


You can see my W30 blog/meal log here and my results post here. While I haven't gotten to buy smaller clothes or rock a smokin' bikini yet, I do think my W30 was well executed and successful! Now, I just need to keep on keepin' on to get the total package I am looking for. 



Lower body fat (for me, leaner translates to more appealing physique)

Continue nutritional education (Considering taking a course in dietetics)

Increase physical activity

Increase overall strength (Crossfit?)

Promote healthy body images 






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Thurs, 4/10


M1: Grilled chicken breast on spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette....the salad was leftover from DH's office, so it had blue cheese and bacon on it, but I avoided them as much as possible. I'm sure the TB of dressing had sugar in it as well. 


M2: Butter lettuce blend with leftover shrimp, balsamic and EVOO, zoodles with leftover sauce from last night's dinner. Though it was minimal, the sauce certainly had parmesan cheese and heavy cream.

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Oh hey yeah totally failed at this last week. I would blame tax season but it's really just my own lack of discipline. I seem to do well throughout the workday but turn into a snack and junk monster in the evening at home. Last night I ate chips and salsa at like 9:30pm for NO reason  :mellow:


4/17 Thursday

M1: 1/2 sweet potato fried in coco oil, whole Aidel's sausage, gala apple


M2: Whole can of tuna mixed with W30 mayo and seasoning, scooped onto cucumber and celery sticks. Coffee with 2pumps vanilla and a tiny dash of heavy cream

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