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Started April 7


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Hey, all! My wife and I started the Whole30 on Monday, April 7. So far so good. Got off to a bad start, however, when on April 7 for breakfast I used butter to cook my eggs. Oops! I guess I'll have to extend my Whole30 by one extra meal. Now using ghee, which is just fine. In fact, the smell of it in the pan reminds me of the butter I used to heat up for popcorn as a kid.


There are several others of our extended family doing various detoxes right now, so I am just that much more motivated to see this through cleanly.


We have been eating paleo for about 2-3 years, and so the transition has not been that hard. Giving up alcohol will be the biggest challenge -- but its absence is likely to make the biggest contribution to weight loss. 


I'm thinkin' we're going to get thru this!

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