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Angela's second whole 30


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Day 21:

Breakfast: 2 of the breakfast muffins I had made yesterday.

Snack: at break time I felt a bit peckish so I ate some honeydew melon and raspberries and macadamia nuts.

Lunch: leftover roast chicken and vegetables.

Dinner: more leftover chicken with steamed carrots,cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

I had a cup of earl grey tea after dinner.

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Day 22:

Breakfast: a breakfast muffin ( made a couple of days ago) some apple and carrot fritters cooked in coconut oil and a piece of pork belly. I thought I would try the pork belly in place of bacon, and it was yummy, probably better than bacon.

Lunch: roast chicken, sweet potatoes and leftover vegetables from last nights dinner.

I am going away for my girl's weekend this afternoon. I know I've got the right foods for dinner tonight ( I cooked a big curry and I will cook some veggies ) and for breakfast ( I made loads of apple and carrot fritters this morning), but we are going out for lunch tomorrow, so that may prove to be a challenge.

I will post again when I get back. I am looking forward to a lovely relaxed weekend.

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Day 24.

Do I really have only 6 days to go? I can hardly believe that I am nearly there, and still, I am sticking to it.

Over the weekend I had no slip ups, despite being surrounded by champagne, wine, mulled wine which smelt amazing, beautiful cheeses, breads, apple sponge, apple crumble, and expensive chocolate. I did not eat any of it. I can't tell you how liberating that feels.

I am not sure that I'm still losing weight, I kind of feel it has stalled, and I do wonder if I am eating too many nuts. They are my go to snack. I try to have nut butter with celery or banana, but often I just grab a handful of macadamias to keep me going.

I am not sure about what I will eat after the thirty days. Of everything I am giving up, the only things I would consider having back in my daily diet are butter, potatoes ( especially together) and other dairy, like creamy Greek yoghurt and nice cheese.

I am seriously considering a whole 60 instead of 30 to see if it will help with hayfever as I have heard a clean diet really helps. And after that ( if I do a whole 60) we are going on holiday and I would love to feel and look my best for the holiday. And I think it would train me and my palate to have the will and drive to stay away from foods that make me unwell.

I will decide after the thirty days is up.

Today's food:


My fritters made with carrot,apple,coconut cream,almonds and eggs, with kiwi fruit,a strawberry and a little bit of dried fruit.


I cooked up the rest of the pork belly ( delish), and had it with stir fried Brussels sprouts ans snow peas.

I also had to try out the macadamia butter that was delivered on Friday , which also was delicious.

Tonight we are having some massamam curry, which I will eat with broccoli and snow peas fresh from our garden. I might follow that with a piece of fruit, but I will see if I am hungry.

Something that I love about the whole 30 is that a friend at work is so impressed by how I look( and I have told her how I feel) that she and her husband are keen to try it. That is kind of the ultimate compliment, isn't it? I've ordered a copy of the book for her and have directed her to the website. When I last saw her, she was madly printing off recipes ans my log from this site. I hope they do it and gain the benefits I have. I also hope my husband considers it too.

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Thankyou Derval. It does feel good.

Day 25:

Breakfast: finished off the fritters and had them with a kiwi fruit. I'm not sure that it was enough breakfast because I'm feeling a little hungry now and it is only 9.30 am. I'm having a cup of tea,and if I still feel too hungry I'll have a small snack.

Later: it turns out that I was so busy, I didn't need a snack.

Lunch: massamam curry and veggies from last night.

Dinner: steak, garden salad ( all the ingredients were from the garden) and roasted veggies ( beetroot ,sweet potato, pumpkin and parsnip)

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Day 26: Tuesday

I hae just realized my whole 30 will be finished on Saturday.

Do I weigh myself on the 30th day or the one after?

I think I may try some dairy when I finish, but other than that I want to stick to this way of eating because it is servicing my body well.

Today's food:

Breakfast: steak and broccoli and tomato.

Lunch: steak and roast veggies.

Dinner: tandoori chicken ( nom nom paleo recipe), cauliflower mash, carrots and cabbage. This tandoori chicken was delicious .

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Day 27

Breakfast: I made some veggie muffins using coconut cream, ground almonds,eggs and veggies from last nights dinner.

Lunch: it was curry club today, so I skipped the rice and had a beef curry,a veggie curry and a chicken curry. All delicious and compliant.A couple of the curries had white potatoes in them, but I just avoided them, and stayed compliant.

After work, I went for a swim, despite feeling a bit full after lunch. Normally I would have used it as an excuse, but I am really feeling that the swimming is good for me, so I did it anyway, and so glad I did. I had a little snack ready for post- workout, so I ate baby carrots and macadamia butter ( oh boy, that stuff is amazing and yummy) before I did the grocery shopping. I just love seeing my cart full of vegetables and meat, and not much else, and then filling up three shelves in the fridge with vegetables makes me proud.

For dinner I made a Mexican flavored emergency protein ( nom nom paleo) with ground free range pork, capsicum,broccoli, onion,carrots and Mexican spices, with some tomato paste. We ate it over garlic cauliflower mash, and completed the dish with mashed avocado mixed with lime juiced and salt. It was such a nourishing and filling meal. I was stuffed afterwards.

I like that I don't feel tempted by something sweet after dinner, and I am usually happy with a cup of green tea or a herbal tea.

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Day 28:


Pork belly fried in macadamia oil, along with portobello mushrooms and a veggie muffin from yesterday.


Tandoori chicken drumsticks, mashed cauliflower, carrots and cabbage.

After work I had to stay to do a two hour meeting and of course there was food on the table. It was some sort of sweet bread with icing and dried fruit. I didn't feel the least bit tempted,but I had some baby carrots and macadamia butter.


I made a big pot of soup with onions,cabbage,sweet potato,kale,spinach,carrots, mushrooms,parsley and bone broth. It was yummy. I had half an avocado and some smoked salmon with it.

Today I have felt tired and irritable. It could just be work commitments and demands at home, or it may be PMS. I have been feeling really good, but today, I am feeling knackered.

Only two days to go, though I don't think I'll stop eating like this. I do want to try dairy to see if it affects me at all.

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Day 29

Really, only one more day? Amazing

Today's food:

Breakfast: leftover emergency protein ( Mexican pork) with avocado and lime juice. Very tasty start to the day.

I had a few nuts at break time today.

Lunch: last nights veggie soup served with some smoked salmon and lime juice.

I followed that with a kiwi fruit.

When I got home from work I was very hungry. I don't think my lunch provided enough fat or protein. I ate two chicken tandoori drumsticks when I got home!

Dinner: the plan is to have steamed salmon and vegetables, which I will lavish with olive oil so I don't get hungry after dinner.

Only one more day. who can believe I have not eaten sugar,dairy,grain or alcohol for 29 days? Amazing ( and so proud too).

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Day 30

Okay, so I know I should have waited to hop on the scales tomorrow, but I wanted to cheer myself up, knowing I have lost weight, so I did get on the scales. Now I wish I hadn't. :( I also wish I hadn't associated weight loss =happiness. Because now I feel a bit blah...I was feeling that way anyway ( I really must be pre-menstrual) and the scales didn't exactly cheer me up.

They are also crappy scales which read about 5 different numbers depending on where I put them. On the carpet I lost about 8 kilos ( 17.6 pounds), but on the floorboards (where I'd previously been weighing myself) I only lost 3 kilos (6.6 pounds). I guess it is better than gaining. And I know I feel better overall and better in my clothes, and that is what counts. I guess it is my mood that isn't so great, not my weight loss. Anyway, I'm willing to believe that perhaps it will be better if I weigh myself before breakfast tomorrow.

I need to go over to the Ladies Only section and see if there is something that can be done to improve how I feel. I plan to have a swim this morning, to maybe get the happy endorphins circulating.

Today's food:


mexican pork with avocado and lemon juice, and a kiwi fruit.


I went for a swim in the morning and it did help cheer me up a bit. My kids came too, and when they were gobbling down hot chips afterwards, I wasn't the least bit tempted. However I was hungry and sorry I'd accidentally left my post workout sweet potato and macadamia butter at home.

I ate that when I got home.

While I was in town I went to my favourite gourmet shop and bought some beautiful organic cultured butter and organic local yoghurt to have tomorrow as my first introduction. I have decide to stop drinking white tea and stick to black.I actually like it and am glad not to have that incidental dairy in my daily diet.

I had some lunch (the same as my breakfast), and followed that with some coconut flakes because I did actually crave something sweet ( I'm betting its the pms, as I haven't really had a craving in a while). the coconut hit the spot, and now it is dinner time, and I'm definitely hungry, but glad I didn't succumb to any other snacks this afternoon.

I've made some roasted root veggies (beetroot,sweet potato,parsnips and onions, to have with pork chops and broccoli and snow peas (fresh from the garden, yum, yum!)

So, I made it! I did the whole 30, properly this time. Well, done, me! :D

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