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Whole 30 - Done


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I finished my Whole30 yesterday. Today I added some cream to my coffee and will add some cheese to my omelette tonight. Other than that, the day was pretty much the same as the previous 30. There's no mad desire to have chocolate or Coke Zero or french fries (I was kind of expecting there would be!).

For the last thirty days I haven't counted calories or points or weighed food or wondered if 18 chips would weigh more than 35 grams....as per the serving size on the package! It seems like craziness that I used to do these things.

In some ways the 30 days flew by, in other ways, it seems like a very very long time ago that I ate so differently.

I don't have the awesome amazing feeling all the time that everyone talks about but I do have it most of the time and that's a huge improvement, I sleep better, no more crazy sugar highs and lows and cravings at 2 p.m. every day or late at night when I'm tired.

If you're interested, my whole 30 days is in my blog here: Whole30 Challenz.

These forums and this site were invaluable to me and helped me get through the rough days and I intend to keep coming back whenver another rough day hits.

Sending thanks to the Hartwigs and to everyone who's posted their ideas and advice on the site.

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