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Day 9 and counting


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Hello everyone! I began my Whole30 on April 3rd

in hopes of getting rid of my migraine headaches. I have

had between 6 and 12 migraines per month for

the past 5 years. I have cut out gluten, dairy and sugar

from my diet and tried daily juicing. This is my

first time to cut out ALL grains and potatoes and commit

to no cheating!! So far I am on Day 6 without a migraine

and this is a huge victory so far!

Today on day 9, I was overcome with a desire to

take a long nap, as I was on day 7. I read that it

was normal for day 7 but was surprised when it

hit again today. So glad to be on this journey though and

look forward to hearing about your experiences.

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