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I have a history of an eating disorder- it has popped up since I started the W30 since it suggest just 3 meals.  With my workouts, I will sometimes do 4 meals. I find myself stuffing myself because I'm afraid to get hungry in between and can't have a snack.  


My sunbutter has got to go- It started out as a spoonful a day after some MCT oil, now it's several the last couple of days.  I'm on day 13.  My GI is not happy today with the amount of sunbutter.  

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Eating 4 meals is fine, especially during your first two weeks because you are still trying to figure out how much to eat to be satisfied until your next meal. Make sure you are eating according to the meal planning template, taking digestive enzymes, and drinking 1/2 your weight in oz of water each day and you should be fine.

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Are you getting professional help with your eating disorder?  

Regarding workouts, Whole30 allows for a preWO and postWO mini-meals, per the recommended meal template: check that out.


The goal with Whole30 eating is to eat until satiation, not eat to overstuff. Perhaps you can use these 30 days to experiment with your hunger cues and feelings of satiation. Eat and chew slowly at each meal to support you in this process.

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Thank you, Tina... I am, mostly. There have been times I have a larabar because I'm out longer and very hungry.  

GFChrist- I haven't worked with anyone in a while, but I do see a therapist regularly that I will start to about it again.  I think for me it's a mental thing.... I have a hard time with times of eating- I like to follow my body's intuition of when to eat... but lately have been overeating. It's a learning curve.  

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