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This is so obvious, I know. But I have this built-in-forgetter, along with hedonistic tendencies, so I need to write this down:


There is a direct correlation between what I EAT and 

  • how I feel
  • how I look
  • my attitude about life
  • my energy and enthusiasm
  • my serenity

Telling myself "Oh, it's OK to have that __(ice cream, pizza, candy)____, because I deserve it" is a lie. What I really deserve is to have a kick-ass life, fueled by delicious, nutritious food. 


I would rather be nourished by food than comforted by food. 


That is all.

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Ah yes, this totally could be me writing!  :)


The biggest benefit I can say I'm feeling (currently on day 14) is that I have so far resisted giving in to 'reward' food. For 14 days. That's unheard of.


Happy kickass life!

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Well, it's been two weeks of off-roading, with mostly healthy food choices! That feels like success. 


I've decided to do another Whole30 for a few reasons.


First, there was that moment when I was out to dinner with my cousins, who don't know I'm in AA. My cousin Clark ribbed me for not having a glass of wine, which was fine. Moments later the bread basket came around, and he said "You've gotta try this," and I took one - even though I know wheat makes me sick and I had decided an hour previous that I wasn't going to have any. I felt like I had already said no and made myself stand out, and I didn't want another weird thing about me. 


Second, I bought a tin of chocolate covered almonds and went to town on them in a completely un-OK way. They weren't even that delicious, but once I started I couldn't stop. Yeesh.


Third, my achilles tendonitis has come back, which surprises me since I am still eating Whole30-ish most of the time. So I've decided to do another Whole30 and then do a true reintro, focusing just on that issue. 


The best part is, my 12-year-old daughter has decided to do this one with me! We are hoping this will help with her tummy aches, anxiety, and acne. 

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Hey I made that my screen saver for my iPad. Truth be told indeed is right! I totally get why u took the bread. I have done same type of thing in several occasions. People will say OMG you NEVER eat anything bad or they see me eating paleo style on many occasions and they are are you on a diet, tring to lose weight??? It is kinda silly and frustrating that trying to be healthy singles us out! Keep up the good work with everything u are doing!

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