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Whole30 while starting Crossfit


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Yesterday I did Crossfit for the very first time. I've done movements that are used in Crossfit before, but never have I done something on the intensity level as Crossfit. There is clearly something about that environment that ups your game! I left that class feeling like I did after having my first baby - like I had conquered a mountain I never believed I could even get half way up. I was elated!


...Today, I am ridiculously sore.


So, it occurs to me that there's no way I can pull off Crossfit if I don't truly have the nutrition dialed in all the way. And, it would be incredibly wasteful to do something this hard and not reap all the benefits I could get by living the healthiest lifestyle I can along with it.

I eat paleo, but I do have a tendency to make these plantain pancake things too much, or get carried away with letting sugar get back into my life (currently!), or, maybe the worse thing of all here, get lazy about eating enough vegetables. I'll just make a piece of meat with avocado and sweet potato - no greens or the likes at all - and do that all day long. Or just eat frozen peas with a meal. I have two very young kids, so it is easy to get lazy.


I'm starting my fifth Whole30 tomorrow, and this will also be my 3 year old's second Whole30. She's been getting a little too much off track as well and it is showing! I'm only going to log myself, though.

Today I am going to spend a little time prepping and meal planning to make sure I do follow the template and eat enough veggies. If any other Crossfitters out there have some nutritional (or otherwise) tips for me, throw them my way please! 

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