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starting Sunday 13th April 2014 in the UK.


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I'm not very good with forums, but I'll try to write something every day.


I'm starting today because...carpe dium... rather than because I've prepared, or feel like I even know the rules properly.  I've just panic bought £100 of online shopping from ocado - if the bags of salad don't end up going in the bin slimy and unused in a week it'll be a first. 


I'm pescetarian and still confused about smoked fish - too processed?  Instinct says yes.


I haven't planned any meals and have very little in the house today.  I've had my last 2 eggs boiled for breakfast.


Aims: I use food to medicate my stress levels and I'd like to stop.  Unfortunately I'm so stressed at the moment that no matter how much I eat it isn't working like it usually does.  I used to do this with cigarettes, but the advantage of fags (I'm thinking this might just be a UK term lol) is that you can stop completely.  Food is too nuanced an issue.


What next?  I should go and buy something for lunch I suppose...

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ate some watermelon slices on the way back from the shops as was feeling a bit undercarbed.


Meal 2 was bagged leaves and squid with cider vinegar, olive oil, garlic, chilli,lime.  Unfortunately the squid was horrible.  I've never cooked it myself before but the breaded version is my favourite meal in restaurants - I might leave it to the experts and go squidless for the next 29 days.  Had half a grapefruit after.


Meal 3 - leaves, spring onion, cooked beetroot,  papaya, salmon, lime juice and cider vinegar and the rest of the grapefruit.


Still feel a bit unsure about what's whole 30 and what isn't (think cider vinegar is okay?)


Feeling a bit strange, probably because I've eaten more vegetables and protein in a day than I did in the last month.

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