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Lindsay's Whole30


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Well, today is Day14. I wish I had started this at day 1 but I think the first 5 days were ROUGH. I had to take a nap every day and just focus on getting to my next meal.

A little background: I am 36 year old women, recovering from the disease of addiction (3 years clean), and I also have systemic Lupus (diagnosed in 2008).

Since starting the Whole30 (start day 3/31), I have noticed many positive changes. The "sciency" part of "It Starts with Food" is what really got me. I have lived for years with swollen joints, rashes on my arms, acid reflux and just an overall lethargy. It totally made sense to me that what I was putting in my body was contributing to these symptoms. I hate to admit it but I had dessert EVERY night before bed, 3-4 coffees a day with extra cream and sugar and pasta was a staple meal. I have been following the meal plan and I'm a little discouraged that I don't feel like I've lost any weight, but there are other benefits that have me sold on continuing this journey. My hair is shiny, my skin in clear, I have not had any inflammation (something I suffered with daily) since day 4, no acid reflux and my energy level is consistent all day. Cravings happen occasionally but I'm satisfied with what I'm eating and I really don't crave until I'm genuinely hungry.

My love for the kitchen has returned Along with my newfound energy and my husband and I took our dogs for a 1 hour walk today. That in itself is amazing!

I want to thank you for making this program so easy to follow with great information and on-line support. Even if I don't see weight loss (which was my original goal), I'm continuing because I think I'm getting even better gifts.

Time for dinner!

Til tomorrow


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I think I really need to work on my sleep pattern. I got 5 1/2 hours sleep the day before yesterday and then crashed when I got out of work yesterday. I had to take a nap, which then of course allowed me to stay up late again last night. It's a terrible cycle. I would like to shoot for sleep at 10:30. I get up at 5:30....think 7 hours is good?

Now about my food yesterday:

Breakfast- 3 hard boiled eggs, spinach and a few blackberries

Lunch-broiled scallops, broccoli and beets, 1/2 an avocado

Dinner-chicken strips with almond meal, spinach again and sweet potato

My only snack was some grapes mid-afternoon

I got up to 40oz of water today. Geesh! Why is so hard to consume water. I have to push myself

All in all, I still feel it was a successful day. I'd like to get to no afternoon naps so I sleep better at night.

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