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Eat the same on cardio and off days??


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Do you guys eat the same if its a cardio day or weight day?? What do you change for the off day??


I am wondering if I should pre and post WO cardio day and skip pre and post WO altogether on off day.


Any help is appreciated :)





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Let me give you an example. I don't do a pre or post-meal if I do yoga, even 90 minutes of hot yoga and I don't eat pre or post meals if I go for a 5-mile walk. I don't even do a pre- and post-meal if I do a modest 20-minute kettlebell workout, but I do eat pre and post meals if I lift heavy in the gym or do a lot of hill sprints because I know my muscles need support. 


So you may or may not need extra nutrition on cardio days, depending on how hard you are working. You definitely don't need to eat extra on off days. 

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