Avocado oil for cooking


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so a friend told me avocado oil should not be used because it is generally refined ( my bottle, bought at World Market does not specify, neither does the website Ahuacatlan brand).


I have looked at others posts about this topic but there doesn't seem to be a conclusion- is it good, is it bad, is it simply discretionary?



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Avocado oil is okay and similar to olive oil in its fatty acid profile. It is better for cooking than olive oil, but still not a good choice for high heat cooking because it does not stand up to heat as well as coconut oil, ghee, tallow, or lard. 

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Avocado Oil is the BEST OIL to cook with...500F SMOKE POINT...highest smoke point of any oil...higher than Grapeseed 480F, Coconut 330F, Olive Oil 270F...GHEE 485F and is saturated animal fat...loaded with cholesterol......terrible for you...AVOCADO OIL is CHOLESTEROL FREE!!  There are many types of Avocado Oil on the market.  Refined avocado oil, like Chosen Foods or Ahuacatlan (definitely refined) have been "cooked" or "refined" by either heat or chemicals and all the vitamins and nutrients are taken out...you still have the high monounsaturated fats and high smoke point but the OIL composition has been changed and I don't use any refined oils...period!!


My favorite Avocado Oil is Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Avohaus brand from New Zealand.  The Extra Virgin flavor tastes just like a perfectly ripe avocado and is vibrant green in color, retaining all the 27 vitamins and minerals of the fresh avocado!! You can cook up to 500F or drizzle right out of the bottle on your salad...drizzle to sizzle!!!  Be careful, some of the other cold pressed extra virgin avocado oils out there taste rancid or taste like old avocados because they are made by Olive Oil producers using the same equipment as they use to make olive oil...completely different process for avocado oil...due to high oxidation rates in avocado vs olives, you cannot expose the flesh or fruit of the avocado to air or light, unlike the olive oil extraction process which can be fully exposed...gotta use specialized equipment or else rancidity sits in and the oil decomposes in the bottle on the shelf...use ONLY AVOHAUS for best results www.avohaus.com


I also use the Lime and Garlic Infused flavors on just about everything!!  The Extra Virgin is also a natural sunscreen of 8-15 SPF right out of the bottle...I keep a bottle in the kitchen and one in the bathroom which I use everyday when I get out of the shower...amazing...skin is looking 10 years younger...age spots disappearing...wrinkles vanishing...27 vitamins and minerals in the Avohaus cold pressed extra virgin avocado oil...all the stuff your skin craves!!


Do yourself a favor and pick up a 6 bottle Mix'n Match case today!!!




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