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Dan McFall

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I won't really journal too much beyond what I said in my introduction post and as a placeholder for my "success" post.

We are offically through the 14 days of the Whole30 and success had to go in quotation marks, because I was knowingly non-compliant during Church on Easter (and I don't actually believe in transubstantiation so that was just bread and wine)* and unfortunately it looks like today we were unknowingly non-compliant at breakfast. My wife and I had picked a restuarant to meet a friend who is about to have a baby and we had found one really solid thing on the menu that was grass fed brisket in a sweet potato hash with seasonal roots and fennel. We were only going to have to ask them to hold the hollandaise sauce and be off to the races.

Well they were out of the brisket and we both went with omlettes and had them hold the cheese. However, I think they added milk or cream to the egg mix because both of us felt absolutely horrible within 5 minutes of finishing our meals. I mean bloated stomachs, gassy, nausea kind of awful. I now why MESS YOU UP needs to go in capital letters on some of this stuff. I haven't felt that retched in a long time.

Still super stoked with the results we are getting with a non-compliant whole30. The wife had to order new workout clothes after 2 weeks, because her pants were falling down in the gym and I have to keep cinching up my bathing suit in the pool or else folks will get a free show.

* And my stomach told me that was definitely bread even after a couple of minutes. Amazing what happens when you've been clean for several days and fall off the wagon.

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Alrighty, I made it through 2.5 days of product planning meetings at the new job. It involved resisting sandwich platters, pizza, cake, cookies, and soda. Honestly, it was not that hard other than yesterday when I forgot to bring a back-up meal and all there was to eat was pizza and a salad. I had only salad and cleaned a couple of pieces of baked chicken off of a slice of pizza, but I managed to stay good other than that.

Not strictly Whole30, but I did find that I had to catch myself with the secondary goal of working on my coffee consumption. Sitting in a room with a bunch of developers arguing over whether we should build an application framework in .Net or Java will make about anybody reach for a cup of joe. I managed to keep with my one cup goal there as well.

All in all I am feeling pretty good about coming down to the final stretch here with only 11 days left!

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I did it!

Longer post coming with a full follow-up, but I just wanted to throw out that yesterday was the last day of my Whole30 and it feels like such a great success. I have some before, during and after pictures that I will try and put into some more succint thoughts, but I feel wonderful and most importantly I feel better at the end than I did at the beginning.

I will say that I am very very happy that I can have wine back in my life. Everything else that I gave up . . . I don't really miss.

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