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PCOS, Infertility, and Whole30 success


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Hi all!


I'm on Day 25 of my Whole30 and am feeling fantastic! A huge reason I decided to do the Whole30 was to help kill my sugar demon. After some crazy sugar binges earlier this year, I found myself several pounds heavier and busting out of my "fat pants." I'm an athlete and my performance began to suffer. It was time to do something.


Part of my binges are attributed to two failed fertility treatment cycles in Sept (IVF ended up with a miscarriage) and Feb (frozen embryo transfer that just plain didn't work). Cookies and cake = comfort. I borrowed ISWF from a friend and knew it was for me. Not only could I get a handle on my cravings, but maybe I could be more proactive about my fertility.


A little background ... I was diagnosed with "thin" PCOS in 2009 after I went off the pill. I didn't have a period for 10 months. Not to mention I was always irregular before I went on the pill in college. After a minor surgery to remove some cysts, my husband and I were ready to start making some babies. Not so fast!


Long story short, my GYN (didn't have access to an RE as we were stationed in England) prescribed me metformin and clomid. We did one cycle and it just ended up giving me another big ole cyst. She advised us to move on to a fertility clinic, where we decided to do a round of IVF. It was a success and we now have a 2 yo son. As mentioned, the last two rounds didn't go so welll.



After the last two failed cycles, we are moving ahead with another frozen embryo transfer at the end of next month. I'll be done with the Whole30, but want to maintain 80-90% Paleo diet after.


So I'm wondering ... has anyone had success with trying to conceive and Whole30? It's always nice to hear some stories with happy endings.


Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy, babbling post :-)

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I went through unexplained IF for 3 years and got up to IVF and we said we had enough.  I dropped 30 lbs and had a healthy full term pregnancy.  After our daughter was born, I was at 240 lbs and starting counting calories and working out.  I dropped 80 lbs in 6 months and found out I was pregnant with #2.


I starting IF tx at 230 lbs and my weight was never mentioned.  I lost 20 lbs on 3m of metformin and had a few m/c before we started tx and 1 during shots & IUIs.


I don't see how Whole30 or just being healthier in general wouldn't help your hormones opperate more efficently.

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Hi I'm 32yo.  I suffer from PCOS, Hypothyroid, and Uterine Cancer survivor.  I just found about whole30 and I'm sooooo eager to try this.  I've tried just about everything else like you ladies and nothing works.  I had my tonsils removed this year and I didn't eat food for 3 weeks and once I re introduced food I really started noticing I was very sensative to different foods.  So I'm so eager to try this out and I really hope it helps resolve my problems so I won't have to take medication, and it will help me lose weight and some day it will help me with my fertility issues as well.  Anyone else have similar issues like me?

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Hi I'm on Day 2 of my first Whole30, I was inspired by reading Jennifer's success story on the PCOS testimonial page. Felt like I could have been me who had written it. Diagnosed with PCOS at age 16, put on the pill, electrolysis for the excess facial hair, piled on the weight no matter how hard I dieted and exercised! then put on metformin to lose weight, no success just made me really ill.


Finally saw the light that the 'specialists' at the hospital seemed to know less about PCOS than me (I love to research) so when it came to wanting to fall pregnant as I had been told I would probably have to have fertility treatment, I instead saw a nutritionist for a year, the aim being that we would spend the year getting me nutritionally fit for pregnancy, so really healthy eating (mainly low GI) plenty of vitamin supplements and agnus castus tincture to regulate my periods and regular exercise. By the end of the year I fell pregnant with my first baby girl! Since then have had 2 more girls, really easy conceptions - too easy for the 3rd, she was an 'oops' moment, but i consider myself extremely lucky. Once I was pregnant the doctors dismissed me from the clinic claiming I no longer had PCOS - however I still have weight problems and the excess hair, which was the reason I was sent to them in the first place. Obviously I now worry about my girls going through the same, my eldest is nearly 8yrs old so want to make sure I do everything in my power now to prevent it.  hopefully this time I have found a solution. fingers crossed. xxx

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